Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our cribs - as promised

Alrighty, here is the breakdown of the Moers Mansions.

First, allow me to introduce you to "The Big Brown Cow." It's circa pot-smokin' hippie movement. So, as you can guess, I'm quite fond of it and all its brownness. Four of our children call this cow home. Yes, I'm a wonderful mother and put the kids in the crappier camper. They're just going to trash it up anyway. I'm no dummy.

We've danced back and forth on where to cook and where to store. Right now, this is where we store most of our groceries. You are looking at one kid's bed - what used to be the table. Aren't RVs cool? They're like Transformers for adults!

Another bed. This was a sofa. Not quite as cool, but it still adds a touch of flair. This is where everyone sits to watch a movie. The TV is not actually hooked up to anything, yet. However, it makes a great shelf on which to put the DVD player and computer speakers.

This is the bed in the back. Two of the kids have this back room all to themselves. They were quite disturbed I was taking pictures. They are planning a Talent Show for this evening, and the box is part of their magic act entry. I hope I didn't give anything away.

Here we have the Brown Cow bathroom. In true RV fashion, there are a few broken items. The shower head is missing a piece, so it's sitting next to the sink (they always just use the park showers, anyway). It does, though, make for an excellent pretend microphone!

At the base of the shower is a missing panel. These are quite popular in the antiquated recreational vehicle world. Some find it fascinating. Some find it disgusting. I find it to be yet another thing on the "To Do" list ... which means you won't see this fixed until we actually build a house and its time to rent this puppy ... er ... COW!

Walking between the two "cows," you'll notice our playroom ...

And our "guaranteed not to overheat the breaker in the RV" cooking facility.

Last, but certainly not least, is "The Big White Cow" - A.K.A. the master suite.

Where the magic happens, baby! The master bedroom. Can you hear "Love Shack" playing in the background?

Notice the brilliant use of space. Laundry baskets do NOT function well in a simplified space. So, they sit at the table at night, on our bed during the day.

Our child's bed, which is pulled back up into sofa position during the day.

The dining room and kitchen. You can fit an adult and a child in this walk space, but not two adults. Trust us. We've tried.

The master potty. Ya' know, if one of us catches a really nasty virus where it's shooting out both ends, we are SET. Got the sink right there. JACKPOT!

My very favorite place at the end of the day - the master bath shower. It makes me smell and feel all clean and pretty again.

And sure, with our kids issues and the crazy behaviors and separation rules we have with siblings, this isn't ideal. Yet, I can't deny how utterly amazing it is that THIS is my backyard ...

And this is our front yard!

Yeah. We just take the crazy outside. Isn't it beautiful??

We've also learned how very little we actually need. The kids spent hours yesterday building roads and "traps" for ants. Hours. We all have a week's worth of clothing. We have THREE washers and dryers. Yes, they take quarters and we have to either scrounge some up or open up the money compartments to get a load going ... but still - THREE WASHERS AND DRYERS! With five kids, that's super amazing.

Anywho, there ya' go. The Moers Mansions. The Big Cows. Home Sweet Home.


Brenda said...

First of all, I will now have the song Love Shack going through my head for the next week, thank you very much.

Second, Looks...cozy...What is your long range plan?

Leann said...

LOVE.IT!!! ...and still jealous... for reals! :) What an amazing adventure you guys are on. *deeplongingsigh*

Unknown said...

Leann, I think of you often because I know this would be right up your alley.

Laura Staum said...

Thanks for the peek inside!

Anonymous said...

Actually, just so you know, I *have* looked at airfare to Houston.. but I am saving up to fly a friend to Orlando in January for vacation. I have to have my priorities...


LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recovering Noah said...

Honey, you know I would be there in a second if I didn't think my husband would have a heart attack if I left him alone with the kids.

Although... he does have a four day weekend next week..... where would one (and I mean ONE) sleep if she came for a quick visit?? Maybe I can get away for one night.

I'm serious. Email me or give me a call.

~Dinah said...

Thanks for sharing! "Camping" is just not my thing, but I am jealous of your ability to let go and live simply!

Diana said...

You have now just moved up 10 notches on my "most amazing women in the world" list! I've been doing the indoor camping thing in a gross little apartment for quite some time now as we're in the middle of moving ourselves. I can't WAIT to get settled again. I can only imagine how much more intense things would be if we were trying to live in RV's. I do love your yard, though.

Summer said...

Love it all!

ali said...

oh my, them shindigs is fiiine!
but OH MY GOSH it must be SO SO HOT. i just cannot handle it. i will visit during our snowy, blowy, NH winter! feb. vacation maybe?

Mom 4 Kids said...

My husband loves camping! He said, "where is that? you know someone there?" Watch out! You just might get visitors!

Emily said...

It looks great - and I love the cows. So much fun!

Hannah_Rae said...

Thanks for the awesome tour! :) I think I would have really enjoyed that as a kid. I'm the camping type.



truevyne said...

Hey, is that THE CAT at the end of Presh's bed?

Unknown said...

I'm not positive which one actually got me, but it is one of the guilty parties.

Unknown said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing!!!