Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sorry, but we don't speak "pee" or "vomit" here

One of my sweet kids was trying really, really hard to make themselves throw up this morning so they dodge a repair for something they did (and I'm feeling sorry for them because it takes a LOT of coughing to work up a gag - very exhausting work). Why? Why this time? Why this approach? Who the hey-diddle knows? I think they may very well be angry that we had their birthday early so they could not ruin it. That's when it started, so that's my guess.

Michael met me along the road to tell me of their new escapade ... my kid wasn't thrilled when I came dancing up to them doing the cha-cha and singing, "My kid's trying to throw UP! My kid's trying to throw UP!"

"Cool, babe! Trying new things! FUN!"

Then I actually looked at the little glob of phlemy goo at their feet.

"Oh, darling. That's not even vomit. You just coughed til you got a good gag and ralphed up a little snot. It's only 10:00 am, and I don't see one speck of cereal in that. Come on, now. Hasn't anyone ever taught you how to do a really good one? You put your finger way down your throat and hold it there til you start gagging. Now, don't take it out too soon or you won't accomplish anything ..." (at this point my child put their hands over their ears, so I just started pretend gagging myself as an illustration). I kept the sarcasm out of it and stuck with "playful."

They did not try to gag again.  I was awfully giggly as I tried to talk while having a finger in my mouth.  But it was another hard morning.  This. is. hard. Considering I was facing a new behavior I had not experienced and was feeling HUGE amounts of panic, I think I did pretty well.

Going to go beat my head against the cinder block office wall now without her knowing I'm doing so. *sigh*


familygregg said...

It's a -hitty way to start the day. Sorry. Hang in there.

Steph, G's Mom said...

wow. it doesn't cease to amaze me the amount of thought and effort they put into trying to sabotage themselves and their family life. you wonder why they don't eventually just kind of heave a big sigh, put their chin in their hands, and say, "what am i DOIN? this is way too much work."

so did she have fun on her birthday because it caught her off guard and she didn't have time to prepare how ot ruin it, is that what you mean? i am just trying to fathom how FUN could be so undesirable. but i know, i can never understand it because i dont have the fear in me that she has.

god bless you for having Mar. :)

The Rudd Family said...

Hey, at least you didn't accidentally make yourself vomit while illustrating to Mar - We know how much you LOVE that!

Sorry your saturday is stressful!

Summer said...

Oh how fun.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You rock. I have an extra copy of Dr. Federici's book. I'm sending it to you. Along with the picture of V doing jumping jacks the other day. Wearing her "Goal for the day: Be respectful!" shirt.


PS Angry Boy could puke without even sticking his finger down his throat. Tell Mar she needs to step up her game.

Unknown said...

Oh my...boy oh boy does she look most unhappy!! I take it she's not adjusting well to the changes and the move and the lack of therapy? (at least I'm assuming you've not found a RAD therapist there in your tiny town...)
Peace, grace and blessings on your home.