Monday, August 10, 2009

Tyiping this FROM MY DESK!

Just popping in to say it took everything in me NOT to make love to the guy who hooked up our DSL today. :)

Sending hubby out to buy the biggest router known to man, so we'll have it wireless.

The kids worked their tails off all morning, doing lots of those little pain-in-the-butt things to dress-up the place. It's those four million tiny things that haunt you til you fall asleep at night. The "To Do" list grows every time I burp (which is always just after rehydrating).

If my criminal husband can ever get the whole driver's license thing cleared up, then we'll be able to accept credit card payments. Keeping fingers crossed for:

#1: Paying Customers

#2: Michael's Texas Driver's License debacle

#3: A big, giant router which will make all wireless guests very happy, no matter where they park their trailer

#3: Lighting and repainting of our highway signage (which currently has the benefit of a small rock on the side of the road - no lights, and neighboring trees on someone else's property completely block the eastbound side until you're approximately six inches from our turnoff - hoping these people return our call)

#4: Michael or I can find a parttime job. Not only will the additional income help, but we can't finance the whole house thing until one of us has brought in approximately two months worth of pay stubs ... ya' know, or we can be self-employed for TWO YEARS.

Some really super cool and amazing things that have happened or we have experienced?

#1 - As I mentioned above, we have signage issues and have to really jack up our advertising. Our Laundry Room is open to the public for the people who live out in this area. I put up the most pitiful sign down the road (looked like my 6-year-old made it). Yet, we have had one really great guy coming in to do laundry. We've become friends. He sent another guy our way. Who paints signs. He is yet another great guy who is finding there isn't a lot of demand for signage in the middle of the recession. He wants to be working and he works hard. We need signage, and my handwriting sucks. We're a match made in heaven.

#2 - Have a blog stalker who just emailed to offer some free services. I will be taking her up on those!

#3 - The first guy I mentioned above has had a paint and body shop in Gonzales for about 30 years. We knew we wanted to put a small sign on Hwy 183. His place is on Hwy 183. He is letting us put up a sign on his property FOR FREE! He also brought us two mammoth sized bags of ice cold watermelon yesterday. I'm not sure which is the bigger deal, but we are happily accepting both!

The former owners have done little to promote this place for years. It is just as cute as heck, and super shady (yea!). However, no one knows we're here. Today the kids were trained on the "Christine 7-Point Checklist" for the bathrooms. We have discussed over and over how even people who are camping want bathrooms that are clean. You can only do so much with a cement floor, but you can shine a toilet, wipe a sink and swat down even a hint of a spider web. One of my boys came up earlier and said, "Ya' know, it took a long time to clean the bathroom today, but it was fun because it smelled SO GOOD when we were done." That's my boy!!!

I really do have to get back to work, but I know so many of you are checking in on us regularly. You're super!


Brenda said...

Sounds like you are making great progress. I'll write up your place on my blog!!

Cammie said...

I think you ROCK!

Shan said...

Though I have slacked on my comments, I'm still following along and cheering you all the way(not to mention praying).

You constantly blow my mind with what you take on. You are like an olympian life liver! xo

Candis said...

Shan said it all. We don't get out of SoCal much, so your adventure is our adventure (and we're loving every minute!).

P.S. Your bathroom-scrubbin' boys
made me smile