Friday, August 21, 2009

When a cat fight lands on your face

Feel free to click for a bigger image. Don't want to miss the precision slices. This occurred at 5:00 am. Have owned two cats for three years - total reign of the house day and night - yet this was a first.

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I was very patient and kind and loving when I awoke to the clamber on my face.

And if you believe that ...


Mamita J said...

Oh Christine,

I've got a scratcher too - but never a surprise attack. I'm so sorry, for you and for her.

I don't blog about it much because it's too painful, but I did post these thoughts:

I hope it encourages you.

Hang in there, Hon.


Christine said...

Oh no ... I was actually our CATS! Playing ... at 5 am ... and carrying the hub-bub RIGHT ONTO MY FACE!

I guess I better clarify above. :)

Cammie said...

Quit pissing your cats off!!!

Christine said...

HA! Cammie, I guess I should make an even trade - two cats for one ghost. Is that what they're going for these days?

You crack me up.

Hannah_Rae said...

My African Grey tries to land on my face sometimes. That really hurts. :) Our kitties aren't allowed in bedrooms, otherwise I'm sure this would have happened to me years ago.



ps. I put a new pic of the motivation chart I made for Miah on my post.

Parkerchica said...

Once, early in our marriage, Matt and I were having a pillow fight. Things got a little out of hand, and I started to feel a little angry about Matt's aggressive pillow-to-face shots. I got madder and madder when he wouldn't stop, and I picked up the closest thing to throw back at him...which happened to be our giant black cat, Schubert. Big, streaky, claw marks down the face. He showed them to everyone at church. I was harshly judged and very ashamed.

But he started it.

Summer said...


Recovering Noah said...

Christine, tsk tsk. I thought we were friends. I thought you were open and truthful on this blog??

No one will be upset to find out that Michael did that in some sort of kinky heat of the moment role play.

P.S. I'm sure the cat costume looks really cute on him.

Cammie said...

I had forgotten all about the poor Wes when I posted that comment, but it sure made me laugh my butt off when I read your reference!

So funny!

Recovering Noah's comment made me laugh out loud too! She might be on to something there!