Monday, August 17, 2009

When friends rock your world

I joke a lot, I know, but there is no doubt the past two weeks have been tough. Balancing the whole new business venture with five kids who just had to do a 500-mile move and cats whose stomach's are a little stressed and issues with the seller and issues with the locals and the 400 degree weather and all of the many, many, many little details which have been let go for years out here ...

Then, within two days, WE were the ones who were blessed. We had people come and "feed" us emotionally. They laughed with us. They let us make fun of our situation. They were encouraging. THEY BROUGHT FOOD!

Friday, an old college friend came in with her two kids. It was so good for all of our children to spend the day with another adoptive family - a family who is also a mix of culture. The things which make our family unique and unusual were just normal. Not to mention, my friend wore her painting clothes, but was kind enough to NOT paint. Anytime you move, a little dose of a familiar face is so nourishing. Thank you, THANK YOU, sweet friend, for just letting me talk your head off and for chuckling under breath with me during some of our more "colorful" experiences that day.

I think the biggest thing was how she responded when it was finally confirmed that yes, one of my healing kids had stolen her son's game cartridge. After they had already gone home, my child called to apologize. My friend did the PERFECT thing. She DID NOT SAY, "Oh, honey, that's okay." She just gave my child the opportunity to make it right, because it was not okay. The reasoning was actually a little sweet - my child let her know they did not want them to leave. Thought they would stay until they found the game. Still - way not okay.

Very funny aside: later that night as we're climbing into bed, this child says, "Ya' know, I had a really good day today. I wasn't inappropriate with any of the kids, and I didn't annoy anyone or have to sit out. I just did the thing with the game. (Inside wanting to scream: "YOU MEAN THE EXPENSIVE GAME CARTRIDGE YOU STOLE AND THEN HID?!?!?") Of course, I was not seeing all the things they DID NOT do. They knew how hard it was to be strong. They knew how hard they had worked to not be a very annoying chitty-chatty. I had to help them acknowledge all of that good (I did not see, because it did not happen) and then also the ways they "made it right" after taking the game.

Okay, and I've skipped one of my favorite parts: this old college friend showed up with Krispy Kremes - LOTS of them. She also gave me a few little treats for my worn-out feet. Sounds like just a little something, but I still have not found all of my toiletries. I'm sure they're in storage. To have my feet feeling soft and smelling yummy was HEAVEN. It was just super great.

On the same day, my in-laws also stopped through. Super Amazing Mother-in-Law brought lunch (which included cold diet soda and watermelon, thank you very much), and a new batch of sugar cookies to replace the other batch that had been stolen in a fury the week before.

Then, yesterday, there was a convergence of trauma moms. Two women I have never met, drove from their own respective towns, each at least an hour away, to come see us. Rancho Chico and My Sweet Chaos brought all of their broods. We had three moms, twelve kids, and Michael (who would pop in occasionally and made a great gopher).

And once again, we were so crazy blessed. They brought chicken with fixin's, they brought homemade cheesecake and ... are you ready for this? THEY BROUGHT ME PEI WEI!

It all started with a joke with one of the ladies - "What can I bring you?" "Well, I don't think Pei Wei will make the drive, but you could eat some and then breathe in my face when you get here."

Super Amazing New Friend #1 gets to talking to Super Amazing New Friend #2 (#1 actually remembered verbatim, my favorite items on their menu!), and #2 lives close to a Pei Wei, and bought me my THREE FAVORITE ENTREES, keeping them hot in a cooler all the way here.

Yeah, what else is there to say? Now all of these women keep saying it was no big deal - the donuts, the Burts Bee's foot-loving-stuff, the goulash, the watermelon, the Diet Coke, the Pei Wei and the cheesecake - but it was huge. IT WAS ALL SO VERY HUGE. Even more so because they sat with me and talked and talked and talked (or maybe that was just me ... don't remember).

Oh, and we got our very first random phone call asking about the park - some guy found us via the internet!

An amazing weekend.


Cammie said...

OMG! I had a fantastic time! My family will be back soon! My husband even said the next time he has business in G-town, he will drop in! :)

Brenda said...

I have to say first of all that I love your quote of the day from Saturday. I have to say I have not ever said that before. : ) Not yet, I should say. I LOVE the watermelon photo above and I alos LOVE that people are coming and loving on you.
Jealous, but louving it.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you're being taken care of. A woman who works as hard as you do and has so much patience deserves some time with friends, food and family.

Kim said...

Yay, food!!!

Dia por Dia said...

We were equally blessed! We had a FANTASTIC time. There's nothing like being with folks who don't see my parenting as controlling and overbearing. Or, maybe you do and I am just making assumptions! If so, please don't tell me! :-) I don't think my kids have had that much fun in oh so very long. Already looking forward to the next time! So, think about what you "need" for the next time around...or blog about it in a roundabout subtle kind of way.... :-)

Diana said...

There's nothing better than friends!

Torina said...

How cool to see families brought together through blogging!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

What a fabulous time you have had!!!! Good friends, good food...Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Ericka said...


You deserve it and SO MUCH MORE!

Hannah_Rae said...

Yay for friends! Boo for Michigan and Texas being so far away from each other.



ldw said...

Ok, now you both have posted about our day and I am lagging behind!! Boo, me! It was a great time and the kids are still talking about it! I loved being able to relax and not obsess about what kid my child(ren) were corrupting! Can't wait till next time. And yes, blog about what you want so Dia can remember it and remind me! Thanks for having us!