Thursday, September 24, 2009

Electric Avenue

* We are getting electricity to the house. It will cost a lot. When they run wires to a location you get 400 feet for free. We have to come over 600 feet. Ka-ching. If the dude owning the vast, empty land across the street had let us run the line there, we'd be paying chump change for just the box. But I'm not bitter ... much.

* We have the survey done, so we know just how high to hoist the double-wide up on the blocks. We live in a 100-year flood plain. It's like dominoes. Gotta' get the survey done to get the paper turned into the official flood plain guy to get the info to the movers/setters to actually get the house on our property.

* The actual live electricity should be here in about two weeks. We have to also hook up the septic and water. Nothing major. Just have to do it. More dominoes.

* Have some a great couple coming out to tent camp tomorrow night. Have never met them in real life. Will be fun just getting to know each other. I LOVE visitors!

* Have a meeting of trauma moms (plus 12 kids) converging again on Sunday afternoon. We plan to sit around, snack, talk and be only remotely hypervigilent over our children.

* Willie is having surgery for cataracts next week (they're doing one eye at a time). Brought me in his folder from the surgical center, and asked if I can help him with it. Granted he is the most UNideal patient on the planet. However, he really does need someone with him for 24 hours afterward. He needs help with the paperwork and presurgical prep. And he asked me. Made my year. Stay tuned for the post-surgery showdown as he tries to do too much too fast, and we have some very *ahem* joyful interactions.


chloeadele said...

I just prayed for you guys and for Willie. Hope he's not too much of a handful. But then again, if anyone can handle a handful, it would be you! you rock!

Hannah_Rae said...

What do you do as restitution for disrespect? I know this is probably something you've explained over and over, but I need to hear it again.

I am so excited for you for your house! :)



Anonymous said...

Rock on, girl!

Christine said...

Hannah, restitution for disrespect is my FAVORITE! Mainly because it tends to be aimed at me, thus I get to choose the restitution.

It is always something to make my life better or easier. I have not yet chosen this one. I wait it out. I'm sure I'll need something today. It may be him running across the park to lock up the laundry room tonight, if it's raining, so I don't have to. Could be doing all the cleanup after dinner. With all the rain, the vinyl floor in my camper may need to be wiped down.

Sometimes I just hand one of my kids a brush, and have them gently brush my hair for 15 minutes while I read. Very relaxing. Or I might have them put lotion on my hands and give me a hand massage. Or a shoulder massage.

I always have something I can think of to make my day a bit brighter.

Sean's Ladies said...

Awesome about your support group! That is great!

Thanks for the explanation. I was w/ Heather in wondering some ideas. So not something immediate?

Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

In the beginning I always did something immediate, when I still had the kids in a very restrictive, more of a preschool mode of living. However, now, it is almost always delayed to give time to come up with something truly valuable to the person who was hurt.

One of the most obvious and common things in our home, to pay restitution to siblings, is to do their chores for them the following day - or lose TV/computer time on the weekend and ADD it to the child who was hurt, etc..

BT said...

Oh great. Now I've got that song in my head.

Enjoy your RAD moms' gathering. So jealous.

Your restitution ideas are all fantastic.

Mom said...

Hey, if those of us that read your blog sent you a dollar or five dollars each, I bet that would go a long ways towards paying for the electricity. Sooooo, if you are reading this comment and have an extra dollar hiding in your purse or billfold, drop it in the mail to Michael and Christine. Their address is 336 CR 90 B, Gonzales, TX 78629. You will have an investment in their ministry there.

Christine said...

Ladies and gentlemen, my mother - the pimp.


Mom said...

You are so funny, daughter, and I love you for it.

Brenda said...

Your mom is brilliant!

ali said...

love yo' pimpin' momma!!!!!!!
and Rocky is THE MAN. hes getting so brave. jack missed me last week. ya hear that? MISSED ME. I KNOW IT LOL love ali