Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Momma said there'd be days like this

I guess you would have to know MY mom to understand the title of this post. See, my parents have lived their entire lives on faith. Real faith. Like how-will-we-pay-for-food-this-week? faith.

I have watched my parents pray for money to fix various broken vehicles and important appliances, and then receive a check from friends whose business is doing well and they "wanted to share" ... and it covered every last penny.

I watched my mom pray for a bicycle ... and some friends GAVE THEM A CAR! Well, actually they sold it to them for $1, so they would only have to pay taxes on that amount.

I hear many stories from the days before my very existence, of them just trusting. It wasn't always a car, or hundreds of dollars, but it was always, always, always just enough to take care of them.


And that is exactly what is happening to us. We are starting to see some business. Not a lot, but for now it is enough.

Michael has a parttime job! My super amazing, Master's degree toting man is doing some grunge work alongside teenagers and parolees. He is taking the work which is available in a tough economy. He is doing it well and with pride. He is AMAZING (not to mention he had to lose the goatee for this job, so he's also silky smooth for the first time in years - weird!). It was not what we expected. There are many, many other possibilities out there, but no one is in a hurry to fill the position. Yet, in the meantime, he has a job, he is meeting lots of new people who will enjoy having him in their lives, and he is a manager's dream. I am so very proud to call him my husband.

We have a very good housing possibility. It will be old. It will need work. It will not be an adorable Tiny Texas House. What we have now is all that we need, so this will be a perk. It will free us up to sell or rent the trailers we are in. MORE than what we need. Wow.

We are so very, very happy. Sometimes we're covered in bug bites. Many times we're dealing with kid issues. Occasionally I find myself thinking two months down the road, and just have to STOP, because I know worry has only negative effects and does nothing to change the situation.

Those are the moments when I'm heading back to the shed, and see something tiny and crazy moving across the road ... to discover it's a dung beetle actually rolling along a piece of dung. All I can think is, "Holy crap! My park is better than any zoo!"

I have it all.


ldw said...

God is so good! I am just stubborn and have to keep reminding myself that let Him have it and all will be well. I am happy for your happiness!

Lisa said...

Beautiful post Christine. So happy for you. Still curious about Picasso.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Really good post!