Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thai Sticks, Waylon, his buddy Willie and his other buddy Willie

You learn something new every day.

Today I started my Sabbath with a cup of coffee and Willie.

As usual, he started to tell me stories. I believe approximately 7% of the things that leave that man's mouth. I soak up and love approximately 400% of the things that leave that man's mouth.

We talked about his ex-wife. He was adamant to make me understand just what a great woman she was. He readily admits his drinking was the reason for their divorce and he has absolutely nothing bad to say about her. In fact, he still praises her for the wife and mother she was during their marriage. Takes full responsibility for his alcoholism and how it hurt the people in his life.

I made a comment about how hard it is to quit drinking and he cut me off immediately. "No it's not. It's the good Lord. He helped me quit. It's all Him. I don't even want the stuff anymore. It was the good Lord."

He asked me when I was born - 1972 - and that triggered a memory. A day when there was "real" country music. 1972 was when the Willie Nelson decided to start the infamous Fourth of July Picnics.

Our Willie was at one of these picnic concerts. He was drunk (because he started drinking at age 16, and will celebrate one year of sobriety in October ... he's in his 60's). Anywho, Willie was pretty schnockered. He and his buddies noticed Waylon Jennings and the real Willie hanging out backstage. His friends dared him to go back and talk to them.

Let's back up a little more. At this time, our Willie was working as a foreman at some sort of gravel/sand pit place. There was a guy that wanted a massive amount of sand, but wanted to barter. I don't know who the man was, but I can tell you he knew Willie well. He had some thai stick pot (which was about $300 an ounce back then and very, very hard to come by - it disappeared somewhere around the early 80's and is a thing of legends because just two or three hits gave you the same effect as a whole joint of the regular stuff - see, I learn something new every day!). Willie took the thai stick and let the guy come after hours one weekend and load up on sand.

Now, back to the picnic. Drunk Willie has no fear (and as I'm learning, neither does Sober Willie). Also, Willie is full crap, so let's remember ... only believer 7%.

He headed backstage and just walked right up to Waylon and Willie and started talking. Basically, said something to the effect of, "Have you got a minute to chat with a poor guy? Oh, and I'd also be willing to share some of the best pot you'll ever have in your life."

So, he hangs out backstage for a minute, sharing pot with Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. It was so good, they insisted on paying him for it. He refused, but said they could always call to see if he could get them any more. Waylon took him up on it ... three times.

As I said ... legendary weed ... with two legends.

Or he dreamed it while black-out drunk.

And what did YOU talk about at church today?

(photo by Gerhard Taatgen jr.)


Cammie said...

i don't even know what to say about that! Just sitting here lmao!

Brenda said...

Willie is one interesting guy. I bet he is so glad to have someone to talk too.

:)De said...

I can tell you we did not talk about weed! LOL!

Melessa said...

Awesomeness! And yes, they let me work with the teens at church. On purpose. ;) Then again, I never said I thought the pot was awesome. Just the story.

Summer said...

Love it!

Away2me (Deanna) said...

I'll have to blog about my Willie story one day. Needless to say, I could have had my first (and only) joint with him. But I didn't. He's a nice guy though!

Anonymous said...

In the world of most incredible sermons, I think you might have won.

Ours was about breaking down the divisions between people.

So was yours!

Babs said...

well in Bible Study on Wednesday we had a substitute leader because the pastor was selling pot

okay...he was representing one of our church member's invention at a home show...a special kind of pot for plants that is great for apartment dwellers without a lot of "garden space"...but everyone still chuckled that he was out selling pot(s)

have a great day

Georgia said...

I loved reading your blog when you were a preacher's wife, but now that holy crap, you own an RV park, I am compelled to read it. I just love these stories!

Melissa said...

I heartily agree with Georgia! Your life is quite a riot! Thanks for sharing!

ali said...

lolololol my room mate loved this story, hes still deep in his disease, wont quit alcohol, but never smoked pot. hes a quiet, happy drunk, none of the younger kids even realize hes a drunkerd lol but he is, i wish Yogi & i could get him to go to AA with us(we used to be serious drunks too, way back in the early 90's)anyway, T Dawg loved the story. he said "i like willie!!"
do you have any idea how good your family is for willie? GOD is very cool :)