Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is it with me?

* Covered in a blistery, very itchy rash of sorts. First I thought it was maybe a sun allergy (I do take a med that makes me more sensitive). Still a front-running possibility. Maybe heat rash? Poison Ivy? We've been ruling everything out. So, it's the sun thing or good, old fashioned hives. What I have thought all along, but it makes me feel better to actually believe I COULD have the chicken pox a second time, even when the first time was horrendous. I may just tell people that when they stare at me like I have the plague. My mother, of course, will deny it vehemently. She witnessed the first explosion when I was in grade school.

* We bought a house.

* Old Willie Nelson out here at the park is trying again to quit smoking. He really wants to quit. His 14-yr-old grandson really wants him to quit and live a very long time, husky voice and all.

* Sorry, did I leave you hanging on the house thing? Well, we bought a 10-year-old repo double-wide for less than what we payed for our last car. Bought it. Cash. Outright. It's ours. Granted, it's still sitting on a lot in San Antonio, but will be out here in our field as soon as we hire a mover. Of course, don't get too excited. We won't have any electricity.

* Michael has been substitute teaching on top of his other little parttime "Do you want fries with that shake?" job. He loves it and the kids love him. He is getting called a LOT. With the multitude of subs, there aren't many who want to work junior high or high school. And men? They're a rarity.

*What? OH, the electricity thing. Thought I had told you all about this giant pain in the ars little glitch. You see, not only would we like to power our home (living off the grid would cost more than the house - trust me - I CHECKED!), but we also need to have the county cooperative install a security light in the area. It's dark out here in the boonies, and most people don't want to spend the $20 a month to slowly pay for a street light which will not be directly on their property. Only (here's the glitch), to run the lines and put up a pole, it would require them shaving off the front of EVERY SINGLE TREE along the easement of our park property. Um, nope. The cool part is that the coop guy didn't even make it an option. He REFUSES to do something so awful. GO COOP GUY! Luckily, there is a very empty piece of land adjacent to us, where they could cross over, run the lines, and cross back. Easy peasy. Just have to get permission from the owner of this tiny triangular strip of property ... aaaaaaaand, the guy refused. Yup. Refused. Said we could pay to bury it (note: double the cost of running lines on poles, and we'd have to pick up the tab). No plans to develop this property anytime in the next TWO DECADES. Yes, he said that. So, while we and Coop Guy are still looking for alternatives, we own a home, which is sitting in a parking lot in San Antonio, which really doesn't matter much because it wouldn't have any electricity if it were here.

* Thankfully, we have several people in our lives who are also trying to come up with some creative electrical solutions. Stay tuned. Or donate solar panels. Or a windmill. Whatever you prefer.

* There is some water damage to the house, so I will get to replace flooring for the first time. No, not like putting down a little vinyl. I'll be cutting and piecing in new plywood and THEN doing the easy "weekend project" stuff. I'm actually very excited. Unless, of course, the first time Michael uses the master toilet, he falls straight through my repaired floor to the ground. Then it would lose its "I am a Super Woman" appeal.

* We will be surrounded by plenty of hunter green carpet and floral wallpaper, and I SO DON'T CARE! I have avoided throwing myself a pity party. I suck up and deal. However, I must say it has been really hard not having our family under one roof every single night. It's okay, and it's working, and it's not like we can't see each other just a few feet away through the windows. Still. It is very disjointed. As a mom, it just bothers me. I look forward to talking about our family dwelling in the singular instead of the plural form.

* Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. We both remembered - yesterday. We have made an agreement that we will celebrate our 15th WITHOUT any major transitions, life changes, or newness of any kind. It will be bland, boring and completely predictable. Ahhhh. That sounds so nice.

* Must go slather myself in Sarna now.

(photo by Jay Lopez)


Hannah_Rae said...

Holy Crap!!!

I read this out loud to my sister and we both laughed and had huge eyes.

Is it a mobile home? Or will you actually be moving a house?



ps. Thanks for all the support lately. Definitley needing it. :)


Unknown said...

Yes, Hannah, it's a mobile home. A Palm Harbor, even (which means so little to most people, but in the world of manufactured homes it gets lots of oooo's and ahhhh's). Can't wait to have my kitchen actually in one spot again. I'm sure I'll miss walking back and forth just to cook a single meal. :)

Cammie said...

David and I's first house was a mobile home...although not Palm Harbor and not double wide! You are the bomb, baby!

Have I mentioned that I totally love you??

Brenda said...

How soon do you think your house will get there?

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary and happy house!!!! Yay hoo!

May you be itch free really soon!

Babsness said...

totally filled with love for you today!

marythemom said...

Four months after she got here my daughter had an itchy rash for no apparent reason - for months. No one in her past had ever seen any sign of allergies or stress hives. We finally discovered she was allergic to the 15 year old carpet! Luckily it wasn't a food because every time you told her to stay away from something she craved it more (of course).

Good luck with figuring out what's causing it!!

Will be praying for you about the electricity and the rash.

Mary in TX

Dia por Dia said...

Ooooooh...Ahhhhhh.....Oooooh.....Ahhhhhh.... Double-wide! Wow! I grew up in a mobile home and we had to replace the entire bathroom floor (when we got indoor plumbing) and my dad sent me off to work with a carpenter to figure out how to do it and then teach him how so "he" could take the credit for doing the floor. :-) The toilet never fell in but part of the shower did and my dad blamed me! So, I was going to offer to help but maybe I shouldn't given my track record with that shower thing....

Glad together under one roof is on the horizon for y'all!

Lynn said...

As for the rash - shingles? Not a fun problem but certainly a possibility given that you've had chicken pox before. I know that most people think shingles are only for the "older" folks - but my hubby got them when he was only 40.

Congrats on the house. Bummer on the no electricity.


Shan said...

Happy Anniversary, and many many more less stressful ones for sure!!

I am mostly rendered speechless by your posts of late but I wanted to put in my vote for shingles. I agree that the blistery part sounds suspiciously like them. They DO tend to come out in times of stress. I had them once and so has my husband but our cases were different.

They definitely tend to follow a band of nerves. For instance, mine were at my bra line and went horizontally. My aunt had more hivey looking shingles with bigger spots. You probably looked it up but I thought I'd tell you they can look different and be in all kinds of weird places.

A pack of steroids makes them go away faster and be less painful in reoccurrence. They felt stingy and when they started drying up the scabs were not on the surface but sort of started from within and reminded me of rosebuds. Ooh that was much grosser than I meant it to sound. :)

Congrats on the cheap housing. I'll be praying for electricity.
Take care of yourself little momma! xo

Anonymous said...

Stress? Christine lives for stress.. she eats it for breakfast. Dude, I can't wait for the walk-through video of your new love shack. Electricity is highly overrated. Ask Tara. HEY! That's an idea. You just need a generator with an inverter. NOW I get it!! God is preparing you for life in Haiti!!

Love you mucho.
Corey, off to make you a care package full o' batteries

happygeek said...

Happy Anniversary!
Here's to cooking inside again!

Unknown said...

Hey, this is Peter, as in Tiffany's guy. I ran 15 parks for about 4 years and repod homes before that for about 3. If you need any help or have any questions, let me know! Glad to help if I can. By the way, Palm Harbor is a good home!

kristal said...

just read a good friends' facebook status that said:

"I am learning hard lessons about forgiveness today all the while kicking and screaming, "I don't want to be the grown-up; I don't want to be the grown- up; I don't want to be the grown-up." Sigh...Adoption is no easy thing."

all i could tell her christine's blog.