Sunday, September 20, 2009

Willie vs. Ambulance vs. Christine

And the ambulance and Christine won.

Old Willie came over today all banged up. He had fallen.

What I did not find out until this afternoon was that he has fallen several times over the last two days while in town. Both times, the police were called, Willie refused to have them call an ambulance, so they said, "Okay, old man who just passed out. Have a nice day!" and let him get back into his truck and drive the 11 miles out to the park.

Both times.

At least.

That we know of.

By the time I went to check on him, he was not well. He could not walk at all, without falling. He was not coherent. So, I called 911. Since we're out in the middle of nothing, we had the first responders from three miles away (I think theirs is more of a volunteer thing). Took about ten minutes to get here.

Note to self: if you have a heart attack, do not die for at least ten minutes.

Then the actual ambulance arrived from town. All-in-all, there were FIVE different vehicles of people. Gave the neighbors something to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Willie told them he was fine and that they could leave. I heard it, and asked, "Can I come in there?" All the EMS cleared a path so I could change his mind in the most loving way possible.

Okay, who are we kidding? This man is stubborn, and as wild as a feral cat, and I also happen to absolutely adore and care about him. So, it might very well be possible that I said something to the tune of, "Willie, I'm not letting you anywhere near your truck until a doctor has seen you. You're going to kill yourself or someone else, and I just won't let you. So, shut the hell up and let them check you out."

Or ... something like that.

Needless to say, he is now at the hospital being monitored. Will check on him after awhile. He gave me his keys to lock up after him. His key ring?

An actual alligator foot.

I seriously love that man.


Lisa said...

Of course you won. :) Wouldn't have expected less.

I love your heart.

Brenda said...

You fiesty little bugar.

Mom said...

Again, God shows you why you are minister where there would not have been someone on site that cares like you care.

Laynie said...

Willie needs to realize the type of people you deal with on a daily basis and understand he will NEVER win as long as he has you there to love him!

Michelle said...

Good to see you using your tough love. Some people won't take it any other way.

Hannah_Rae said...

Way to be tough! :) Thanks for sharing your adventures (my cat is totally kneeding my arm with her VERY SHARP CLAWS!!!!)




Mom 4 Kids said...

I hope that he will be okay. Way to go! BTW the alligator foot is just what I expected.