Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

This sweet baby was born at Heartline in Haiti. Check out the story here.


ohchicken said...

this one made me cry. (hi, i'm annie. i live in austin. i lurk.)

hopefuloffive said...

I thought that was the top of Tara's head :) The two blogs I always read are yours and hers and to see them overlap, funny, well not funny really; it totally makes sense, you both are doing what you are doing because of a God that loves us and he has called both of you to quite similar things.

Vivien Anne Ingram said...

Christine... I gave this baby her first bath and got to dress her and hold her for a good 45 minutes. She is precious. You and Michael impacted me in countless ways and always encouraged my passion for missions, so in a way you are here with me. Love you so much.

p.s. I am already in love with this place... when are you coming to visit?