Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

Check out the lactation aid!

(photo by an anonymous reader)


Charlotte said...

That's so cool!

C and G said...

Oh I love love love love love this photo!

Cammie said...


You know I love the heck out of you and all that you stand for...

I don't get this at all though...

Jena said...

makes me tear up!

sandwichinwi said...

Oh, this picture is so sweet! Just look at the contentment on that baby's face!

What's not to get? The lactation aid? The brown baby? Breastfeeding pics?


Cammie said...


I SSSOOOOOOO get the brown baby...and totally love it!

I do not understand why one who is not actually providing the milk for the baby would have the baby nurse. Doesn't compute in my head.

Now, I know you and Christine will probably say for bonding purposes, but I think there are other ways to bond with an adopted child. Yes, I know RAD is rearing it's head in many families, but I do not think the lack of or use of breastfeeding results in RAD.

Just don't get it...

Unknown said...

It's not about RAD (I was nursing foster babies long before RAD was on my radar). It's about giving your baby every extra wonderful thing. Here are some of the gazillion reasons putting baby to breast is better than any other option (whether or not you are producing milk):

The suckling does cause some mothers to start producing breastmilk. Just 8 oz a day gives the baby all of the nutritive benefits of breastmilk. Breastfeeding stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin in the mother's body. "It is now well established that oxytocin, as well as stimulating uterine contractions and milk ejection, promotes the development of maternal behavior and also bonding between mother and offspring." (Uvnas-Moberg, Eriksson)

But that is just the beginning.

"Nursing is good for a baby's tooth and jaw development. Babies drinking from the human breast have to use as much as 60 times more energy to get food than do those drinking from a bottle. Obviously, a nursing baby's jaws are receiving much more exercise as she pulls her mother's milk into her mouth. Apparently, this constant gentle pulling assists the growth of well-formed jaws and straight, healthy teeth. Among breastfed infants, the longer the duration of nursing, the less chance of dental malocclusion." (The Complete Book of Breastfeeding)

"The longer you breastfeed, the more likely the babies teeth will come in properly. If the teeth come in straight, there's no need to fix them." (The Finnish Family Competence Study)

Tongue thrust problems often develop among bottle-fed babies as they try to slow down the flow of milk coming from an artificial nipple. This can lead to speech problems later on. "Early weaning may lead to the interruption of proper oral motor development provoking alterations to the posture and strength of the speech organs and harming the functions of chewing, swallowing, breathing, and articulation of speech sounds. The lack of physiological sucking on the breast may interfere in the oral motor development, possibly causing malocclusion, oral respiration and oral motor disorders." (Neiva et al, J Pediatr)

Less gastrointestinal distress because even suckling with a lactation aid causes baby to do breast suckling - takes longer. No temptation to teach baby to hold their own bottle as soon as possible. This causes much more time directly against mom's chest - and it has been proven that baby's heart and breathing move into sync with mom's. So, even if a mother nods off while co-sleeping and nursing with baby (with a lactation aid), her oxytocin level is up, which relaxes her, baby keeps suckling while she snoozes, baby's heart and breathing regulate which continues to build the framework for their future biology. (Sears)

"The psychomotor and social development of breastfed babies clearly differs from that of bottle fed ones and leads at the age of 12 months to significant advantages of the psychomotor and social capabilities." (Psychomotor and Social Development of Breast Fed and Bottle Fed babies During their First year of Life)

"It isn't completely clear why, but breastfed infants are able to see and manipulate objects quicker than their formula fed counterparts. This is one of the many benefits of breastfeeding that are still being explored." (same study as above)

Even if you are not producing milk, there are times when a baby needs to be consoled. I've learned that this is another reason for my breasts to exist. We made pacifiers to replace the breast. If I were a baby, what would I rather have?

I could go on for days, but that's a good start. And that's just the good it does for baby. The benefits from suckling for mom are just as long, if not longer.

Mom 4 Kids said...

The Mom in this photo is amazing and it brings tears to my eyes. So selfless and the benefits are obvious in this photo. That is one content baby and I don't think baby has any questions who Mom is. This is my favorite magic milk pic that you have shared! Thanks to you and your reader! Good job Mom!

robyncalgary said...

i want to thank you for all of these pictures for many reasons...

i nursed my older daughter for a year and am proud i did, but i always went somewhere private because i was young, and embarassed, didnt want to embarass anyone else either.

ive been reading your blog from the beginning slowly over the last couple weeks and am now nursing mother to my 11 week old daughter. even before reading your blog i would nurse her more publically then my oldest but still put a blanket over her (and the typical head under it myself so i could see what i was doing)

but since getting into your blog im happy to say i now nurse anywhere, openly, proudly and without hiding. its great, its empowering. i always think to myself hey you dont want to see? dont look! and you have helped bring me to that mindset.

so thank you :) one of these days ill send in a pic of me and my gorgeous biracial beauty, nursing and cuddling for all the world to see! lol

my fav magic milk pic was the young african mom simultaneously nursing twins in slings while picking cotton, beautiful strength!