Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My life is never ordinary

* Michael is substituting at a high school today ... the COSMETOLOGY class! Those who know him, get your butts on Facebook and let the harassment begin. I think he should sit down before bed tonight with plenty pot shots and bald jokes. Ya' know, cause i luv him.

* I am currently reading "Stolen Innocence: My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect, Becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs." Yes, once you get through the title, you're almost 3/4 of the way done. Still - intriguing.

* Got so excited about a new sprayer from my mother-in-law, I was Spray-n-Growing blindly and hopped right onto a red ant bed. 20+ bites later I was doing the ant-bite-dance and screaming for the boys to bring me some aloe vera (we have them all over the place down here and they truly are the most amazing healing plants - ever). I'm now enjoying some Benadryl side effects. In a few days when they all get those nice little pustules, I get to reclaim my title as Best Circus Freak Show. Well, my feet do, anyway.

* The boys are having SO MUCH FUN. With the work getting the utilities hooked up, they are enjoying hours of ditch digging and mud and more mud and more mud. A local guy is doing the work for us. Yesterday he was trying to locate a pipe in the midst of the mud. Told the boys he would take them out for Chinese food if they found it. Well, he said the magic words. They dove in and found that sucker in a matter of minutes.

* I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen in the house yesterday. Ew, ew, ewwwwwww.

* Ewwww.

* In my quest to care for the earth, I do attempt to recycle what I can. It hit me yesterday - we are recycling a WHOLE HOUSE! Very cool.


Steph, G's Mom said...

I am always so amazed at no matter how bad mar's behavior is, she always does the consequences. my g's problem IS the consequences. i can't envision her eating whole grain pbj while i eat pizza. i would get worse behavior trying to make that happen than i ever got for her to get the consequence in the first place. i love corey's comment that i change the phrasing to say that she EARNS the consequences. i have already done that :)

Unknown said...

Steph, Mar does the exact. same. thing. She has refused to do consequences. So, that's fine. She can have "blanket time." She sits on a towel or a blanket and just goes wherever I go for the whole day - stays close. Every hour or so, I will offer her an activity. All she has to do to let me know she's done is to do it wrong, break it, or (for example) make an inappropriate figure out of the Leggo's. "Oh, hey thanks. I can see that you're done now." She can then sit quietly a while longer.

If she starts to throw a fit or try to disturb those around her, she is welcome to go hang out in the filed across the street for a half hour. As long as she doesn't disturb any other individuals (although, raging is fine, just not at the edge of the road!), she can earn her spot back on the blanket again. Then we start over again later with the whole activity thing.

If she makes faces at someone, I may prescribe "making faces" for five full minutes. If she stops, I'll reset the timer. I usually like to make faces with her. Gives me a fun break during the day and makes it easier for her to finish the task. If she stares someone down, I have her stare at a nail hole in the wall for five minutes ... or stare at ME for five minutes - can't take her eyes off of me - and I do some really weird stuff during that time. This is one of my personal favorites.

Right now, she is choosing to do things this way. I will not be surprised if she continues to sabotage for a few WEEKS. Really. She once stayed in a very similar mode for two months. Now, she is healing. It will most likely be shorter this time, but still ... she's a tough chic. She has endured so much that she doesn't even sneeze at blanket time.

Hannah_Rae said...

Thanks for the tips on the avoiding consequences. :) Miah is definitely in that mode right now, although things have calmed down for a few days. :)



Summer said...

I'm curious, how do you know when it's acting out and when it's an accident? I've got to ask 'cause it made me giggle about shutting the door on you. A couple days ago I went into the bathroom while Michael was in the tub and as I walked out I flipped off the light and shut the door. Just totally a mindless, accident.

Are there are specific cues to see that it was intentional?

BT said...

Hang in there with Mar. I'm rooting for her to shorten it up this time.

Anonymous said...

Oh the fire ant dance. I feel your south Texas pain. Love the Aloe for that though, miracle plant.

Unknown said...

Summer, the dead giveaway is her staring me down while slowly shutting the door. :(

Summer said...

Ah, that would be a dead giveaway. :(