Friday, October 30, 2009

My Recycled House - in pictures

This is just a tidbit of some of the things we have done. Just enough to get some of you off my back. :)

First, we are recycling a manufactured home. Nothing is standard in these things. They have their own "standard." For instance, the cabinets do not accommodate anything wider than a dinner plate. Thank you, IKEA, for a $14 pot rack. It's perfect.

Also, my pizza pans love their new spot on the wall. The fact that they couldn't fit into the "normal" kitchen storage areas was really crushing their self-esteem. Nothing a few screws and wall anchors can't fix.

Told you I have color! Most of the walls you are seeing were covered in flower patterns of hunter green and mauve. Did you notice my big, giant clock? When we left Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church to move to Oklahoma, this was their gift to us. So, to all my Shiloh peeps - LOVE my big, giant clock!

I have a refrigerator now ... right there ... just sitting in the kitchen. CRAZY! So, we are eating much, much better again, because ... well, like I said - it's just RIGHT THERE!

Made up the weekly menu all cutsie. It will never happen again, but was a good way to christen the new cooling unit.

I have been inundated with green. I'm pretty sure even the air in this house is green. So, I had all of these green flowers all. over. the. mirrors. in my bathroom and the kitchen. Here is what the bathroom looked like (note the delightful hunter green and mauve vertical stripes peeking through the first layer of primer - they think they have a chance, but they are going DOWN!).

And here is what I did to the overgrowth of flowers on the bathroom mirrors.

The kitchen looked the same as the bathroom mirrors, but I took the time to actually paint brown OVER the green. Turned out super cute. Yet, took me approximately two hours per panel. Needless to say, by the time I got to the bathroom ... yeah, I was thinking solid was the way to go (and the pattern is raised, so it looks a little cool behind the thick brown border).

This was the color of the front living area when we moved in.

And here it is now.

Also, I noticed everyone has been posting lots of pics of leaves as their colors turn. So beautiful. Yet, I knew it was Fall just a few days ago, and I didn't even have to look outside. You see, in my house, the changing of this season happens when "Dave Campbell's Football" shows up next to the toilet.

Have a great weekend.


Diana said...

You're a lot further along in your reno than I am in mine! Glad you're finally getting settled.

Lisa said...

Truly impressed! You've been working your hiney off.

ali said...

now, you KNOW this crap just makes me tick! first of all, I LOVE COLOR TOO(as youve noticed) and i LOVE what youve done. i also love lil' mans' profile looking under the bathroom sink :) great ideas! pot rack huh? nearest IKEA? one hour. hhmmpphh. might be worth the trip, or i can order it online. it looks amazing, as do you, "Thin Christine". jerk. LOL love Fat Ass Ali

Brenda said...

LOVE what you have done with your new home!! It is turning into Moerville!! : ) Jealous of the thin Christine. I am working on that but doing a bad job.

Tudu said...

My favorite was the way you covered the leaves up on the mirrors. I think I like the bold stripe better than when you individually painted each darn leaf!

Torina said...

Yum. I love that green...not the forest crap but that lime green with the pots on it. Fabulous.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Wow! Color me impressed.

(Ooh, look at there--I made a pun!)

Mom 4 Kids said...

Awesome job with the painting! Love the colors too!!!

Summer said...

I love the colors! That green is shocking.

truevyne said...

Did I see a picture hanging out from behind that mirror?

And I really do love the colors. just painted a room inside Clifford, my big red house bright squashy orange.

Hannah_Rae said...

Yay colors! The color you painted your main room is very similar to ours. We love it! It makes us feel so happy!



Mama Drama Times Two said...

Love your colors!!!

Jennifer said...

I love all the colors! You have been working hard and it looks great!

jana said...

I LOVE IT. can't wait and come see ya'll