Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few questions

How is it this girl can be refused health care coverage ... because of the medications she takes ... to help her with her disorders? How is it they will ONLY cover her once she has been off those meds for six months?

Why are people questioning the need for health care for everyone?

Maybe it's because ... it's not your kid.

Now for a "Where's Waldo," of sorts. Can you find the kids being raised by lesbians?

Come on ... they stand out, don't they?


You mean, they're loved and cared for and have a rockin'-A family?


I find myself a wee bit frustrated today.


Viv said...

Amen Christine. I'm one of those insurance "rider" kids. Feel the pain.

On a positive note, I'm only paying $978 a year for coverage... except it doesn't cover anything lupus related.

Everything in my life is lupus related. GAG ME.

Dia por Dia said...

Oh Christine. You don't know how much your post means to me. I have been sad and disappointed all day about this and just couldn't muster a comment on my own blog. Thank you. It made me smile.

Kristen Howerton said...

you rock.

Unknown said...

Sweet Dia,

As I published, I thought ... hmmmm ... wonder if I should actually ASK YOUR PERMISSION before I goop all over you?!? So glad you didn't mind the gooping.

Couldn't help myself. I love me some lesbians.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Christine - you continue to amaze me with your clarity and kindness (especially towards us renegade lesbian Mamas!!!!)

beemommy said...

I bet I can find those kids being raised by married mamas...let's's got to be the three on the left (because YOU KNOW...the conservatives would be on the right) oh wait, maybe it's the ones in the,no, maybe it's the ones on the right because they're facing the camera and so they're on the left in real life. Oh heck, I think this is a trick question. Dang you have to go and point out the stupidly obvious to the obviously stupid! All these kids are being raised by parents who love them and each other....nuff said.

ohchicken said...

i left my snark at home.

thanks for the shout out (and feel free to photoshop in my kid in your imagination).

i wish the pendulum would hurry up and swing back toward justice already.

pee ess i haven't forgotten our conversation, btw. i'm sorry i haven't replied. soon. x

Anonymous said...

Oh.No. Seriously? (About the meds. Not about the lesbians. I think I might become one just to get me a W.I.F.E.)

Of course if it is anything like with men, once they see you with a parade of young 'uns behind you, they just turn tail and run away..

Woe is me.

Lisa said...

I. just. don't. understand.

Waving hands in air.... I do! I do!
Only cause I know'em and love'em.

And someday...we're all going to be living in a commune. Even if it's only in my dreams.....

happygeek said...

I so wish I could pack you up and move you North where Miss Mac could have her meds (and for much cheaper than in your neck of the woods).
It isn't fair. It sucks.

Kerry said...

I live in Maine. Hubby and I and 5 "traditional" children are devastated. It's another sad day. What is WRONG with people? With this country? Ugh.

Kate said...

Your blog is my favorite lately. I don't say "amen" a lot but AMEN to this post!

Summer said...

You know, some days it your blog that keeps my faith in humanity going. 'Cause gods knows humanity isn't making me trust it very much!

rachel said...


I am so frustrated today!

Susanlee said...


Anonymous said...

Here in Maine, they voted YES for medical marijuana, but no on gay marriage. Drugs, okay. Love, not so much.

ali said...

i hear ya. its hard to be a Republican nowadays. i dont get it either. i am a gay lovin' Republican. i admit it. i brag about it. GAY IS OK with me!!!! you gay? O-KAY! gimme a cheer, chris.