Friday, November 20, 2009

stupid, stupid, stupid

I watched the 6 yr old devour almost a whole watermelon by herself. I joked about the insane amount of pee we would be seeing later. ha. ha. So funny.

This morning, "Mom, the hallway smells like poop."

Eh. Maybe someone has gas.

Another kid, "Mom, I'm pretty sure the girl's room smells like poop."

Alright, lets go look and see if one of the cats had the runs during the night.

6 yr old is still asleep. Looks up at me groggily, with face and hands covered in poop ... and all the delightful details of said poop.

So, the ha-ha-so-funny watermelon gorging ended up in a surprise middle-of-the-night explosive poop. My heavy sleeper didn't notice.

OH, and guess how I found out our bathroom shower is painfully clogged?

Mmmm. Hmmmm.

I think it should be a law of nature, that when you deal with the kind of stuff you have in our home, there should no other "stuff." None! Somebody make that happen, K?

Oh, and send me something to burn the smell out of my nose. Thanks.


Brenda said...

Oh that is gross!!! I hope it is warm enough to open the windows!!

Mom said...

Is it raining down your way? Maybe the fresh rain smell will help air things.
You must be doing some things right or the devil wouldn't be working so hard on trying to destroy your life.
I pray your weekend will be better.
Your are loved.

ange said...

vicks vapor rub

Luke Holzmann said...


So far it's just early mornings and wet beds here.

And I'd prefer not to have a similar episode as is describe above. Thank you [smile].

Hang in there, and may your drain be cleared soon!


Mamita J said...

Sorry, Hon.

And I couldn't agree more...when you're dealing with all the other stuff, you really should catch a break on the regular stuff.


Lisa said...

I believe this is called a "rude awakening." Ewwwww... So sorry.

Yes. All the other stuff should stop.

Anonymous said...

Ok. You win.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Usually we longingly read about your cool life in Texas and envy you. Today - not so much. Vicks Vapor Rub under your nose does wonders....

Kim said...

Wow. That totally sucks.

Hannah_Rae said...

Christine, just to let you know, too much apricot juice does the same thing. :)

Now go stand by a good blazing bonfire!



familygregg said...

Dry heaving. said...

ick, we had that problem with one of the dogs this week and opening the windows cause it to be mighty cold here in the great white north! I guess no one will be consuming a whole watermelon again any time soon...

Simply Moms said...

still dry heaving the next day.


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my goodness!!! So glad to know I am not alone!!!!