Tuesday, December 01, 2009

7 people - 7 days - healthy food - $140

I haven't talked about our diet in a long time. I know, for some people, you just don't think you can eat well AND cheaply.

Pish-posh, I say!

I went to HEB last night. Spent $140 (and almost every single thing I bought was organic!). This will last us seven days. Besides some raw milk on our granola, this week happens to be pretty much vegan.

7 Days of Breakfasts:
*carrot muffins
*yogurt twice (plain, bought in large containers to save $$, and I'll blend in frozen berries)
*lazy granola twice (this week making it with Fiber One cereal, oats, milled flaxseed, sunflower seeds and 60% dark chocolate)
*will be trying Sara's Banana Nut Muffin recipe (sans the nuts, so Presh doesn't barf or die).

7 Days of Lunches:

*sandwiches (homemade bread in the bread maker, and sandwich fixins include: avocado, tomato, organic/natural peanut butter, all-fruit spread, arugula, soy cheese slices, thinly sliced bell peppers)
*Build-a-Salad (spinach or arugula, corn, shredded carrots, soy cheese, black beans, sliced peppers - whatever the neighbors bring by this week)
*Chips, homemade salsa and vegetarian refried beans
*green smoothies twice (pineapple, frozen berries, water, whatever other fruit we want to throw in, and a bunch of spinach - probably some milled flaxseed or wheat germ for good measure, or at the very least the kids will sprinkle this on top)
*quick quesadillas
*two days we will have leftovers, depending on when they start to stack up in the fridge

Every day about 3:30 pm, everyone can grab some fruit for a snack. It's what we do. It's our "thing," if you will.

7 Days of Dinners:

*green smoothies twice, and probably some homemade bread or something on the side
*black bean burgers
*root veggies with whole wheat pasta (I'll simmer some root veggies - DEFINITELY some sweet potatoes - until tender, also throw in some garlic and onion and canola oil - will probably throw on some diced peppers or something that is raw, once everything is cooked and combined)
*brown rice with veggies (will add some herbs and spices to the broth when I cook the rice, may or may not steam the veggies depending on what I choose to throw in there)
*leftovers two different nights. By the last night, we do a big smorgasbord of "whatever." It's very "waste not."

Granted, I did already have some things I needed: flour, honey and such. Yet, I was out of olive oil. The more expensive items all tend to average out.

There ya' go. Totally doable.


Hannah_Rae said...

I'm still chewing on that menu. Pun totally intended. :)



Sara said...

We are so potlucking. :)

Have you tried my bean burger recipe? It's from Martha Stewart. Nuff said:

Also, a really lazy way to do the veggies with the pasta would be to roast them instead of simmer them. It also sweetens the veggies, and they tend to go over well with kiddos that way. (375 degrees for 30-45 minutes...cubed, tossed in garlic and olive oil with salt and pepper). Less work than simmering and more flavorful.

Everything sounds delish!

stellarparenting.com said...

sara is right about roasting, they are so good and I actually leave the garlic whole in it's skins and then pop them out of the skins, mix in a little more olive oil and mash them up before addingthem back into the pasts - it makes the garlic almost sweet - I love my roasted garlic.

And I wanted to say, wow that sounds like a great menu!

Unknown said...

Ha! No fear - I just didn't even mention roasting (but did I mention I wrote this post in about 45 seconds?).

Basically, I don't decide how I will cook those kinds of meals until it's time to cook. Roasting gives me time away from the kitchen (and adds warmth to the house when it's chilly). Steaming is my favorite way to do certain veggies. Pureeing and leaving raw is, of course, the healthiest. Sauteing gives the kids a way to help after the chopping is done, etc., etc.

We had my roasted rosemary veggies last week. I make those often in the fall and winter - makes the whole house smell like rosemary. I don't even care if I eat after that.

And J., did you know that garlic comes straight from heaven? Scientifically proven. Straight. from. heaven.


R-Liz said...

Hey Christine--

Your menu sounds delish! But I do have a question for you-- how does your hubby fare with a week of vegetarian? I prefer vegetarian meals myself, but my husband can't stand to go more than a day without meat. He would be extremely grumpy by week's end if we tried something like this. How does yours do it?

Morz said...
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Unknown said...

Years ago when we started eating less meat, I was very clear with my husband - WE ARE POOR AND MEAT IS PRICEY! I started to show him that the meat thing was all in his head - because it is. You can eat heartily and healthily. We didn't know we were being more healthy. We just needed to pay the electric bill.

Told him I would happily make more meat for him if he could find a way to pay for it. :)

I guarantee you, to this day, he would be much happier if I cooked crap at home. He's normal. There's a reason we're all drawn to grease and dairy. IT TASTES YUMMY AND IT MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH! I WANT TO EAT CRAP ALL THE TIME.

Yet, I also love eating the good stuff. It IS delicious. It IS flavorful.

He has never actually argued or complained about it, because he knows what he SHOULD be eating. He also eats whatever he wants when he is not at home. That is fine with me. He is a grown-up. He should eat what he wants. Yet, as a father, he knows we have a huge opportunity to teach our children the things we never learned about our bodies and our health. We get to expose them to and help them fall in love with foods which are healing and life sustaining. He would never do anything to sabotage that.

AND ... last night he came home with an armload of stuff to make soup ... for his lunches this week ... knowing it's cheaper and healthier than the canned stuff he'd been taking with him. :)

He hates it when I rub off on him.

~Dinah said...

What is "Whole Wheat Rice"? I've got my fam switched to whole grain brown rice, but isn't WHOLE WHEAT a whole other grain? Thanks!

Unknown said...

"Whole Wheat" rice is what we call, round these parts ... a TYPE-O!

Summer said...

Love this! Since I drug Michael into vegetarian kicking and screaming we've managed to get our food costs pretty low. Now if only I can beat the soda/chip habit.

And I am seriously going to make that granola next week!

Cammie said...

If I handed my husband a green smoothy for dinner he would look at me like I had 3 heads (which he does anyway, but for totally different reasons)!!!

Brenda said...

No wonder you look so good!

Kristen Howerton said...

I love getting a peek at how other folks eat. We are big fans of the green smoothie, too.

kristal said...

i'm going through all your old food posts as i really want to take our eating to the next level. i've done the beginnings, but want to do more. you mentioned homemade bread in this post and i was wondering what recipe you use. i know you use whole wheat flour, but what else do you use? thanks again for the inspiration, motivation, and most importantly the TOOLS to make this a reality in our home.