Monday, December 14, 2009

You orgasm what you eat

I know some of you think I'm crazy.

I know several of you think this whole "eating better" stuff is not THAT big of a deal.

Well, I'm here to tell you you really are what you eat.

Read my title again.

Yeah, that too.

I have slowly worked my way to a healthier diet. It has been a process over the last 11+ years. I did not change everything overnight. I did not become a better cook immediately. I did not get creative with leftovers the first month year(s).

I made little changes. What I wasn't anticipating is just how much, little by little, it was changing me.

My depression certainly improved with medication. Yet, now that I can truly have some hindsight, it is painfully obvious how even today my psychological health improves with diet. It's not subtle. It's obvious.

And that did not happen overnight. However, I am a different person.

My libido is a biggie. I can trace the health of my libido to diet. Granted, I knew that much earlier on, and I was selfish quite a bit. I would choose to fill myself with plenty of bad things and then regret it. Yet, as my brain and neurological issues begin to heal through nutrition, then my emotions were much more helpful in making good choices.

Was it Gerson's daughter that said something like, "You can't just heal one part of your body. When you heal your body - everything heals."? Notice she didn't say, "When you take a pill to fix a symptom of one problem, everything heals."

Of course, it's not 100% diet related. We live simply. We do not create unnecessary stress, and our definition of "necessary stress" is a complete 180 from what it used to be in our little heads.

I get plenty of "My kids/husband/dog would never eat that! Would never work in our house." Get that all. the. time. Well ...

I used to say the EXACT SAME THING (except I didn't have a dog, so I'd say, "If I HAD a dog, even he wouldn't eat it!).

The truth is that I love good food. I still eat really good food. The things we eat are really, really, REALLY good. When I have someone question our sanity, I will tell the kids about it. They think those are the people who are nuts. :)

Yeah, while my kids can be kinda' whacked out at times, they're still normal. They didn't all magically join up through birth and adoption with magical taste buds unlike any other child on the planet. We have slowly substituated good for bad. And the good ... man, it's good!

Now, when I have something full of saturated clogginess, my mouth can tell it is being coated. I'm no longer immune to processed food. I do still like it. I occasionally parttake of it. Just today for lunch, I had a really greasy taco. Tomorrow I will take a really greasy dump. I will then make myself some really delicious salad and warm up a piece of crazy yummy flat bread.

Have you been thinking about it, and don't know where to start? Here are some of the very first things we did which made a big difference in our home:

* Plan meals (just start with one a week, and work your way up - and KEEP THEM SIMPLE!)
* Replace your white flour with whole wheat flour
* Replace vegetable oil with canola and olive oil
* Replace white sugar with honey and Stevia (that goes for syrup, too!)

Then, you slowly start to read labels and trade things out. Have you read your ketchup bottle lately? What about those frozen meals? Start to check out what you're actually eating, and make replacements. It does not have to take a lot more time. Whole wheat tortillas, refried beans, salsa, diced up tomatoes and chopped up greens, sprinkle a little cheese and - BOOM! You have a meal!

If you do it all the first week, I promise you will crash and burn. So ... don't. Little by little. Get your kids involved. Just make one change this week, and keep it up next week. Then, change something else.

You are what you eat, and your kids are what you feed them.

Meaning: it is so very worth it.

(photo by G & A Scholiers)


Wendy said...

I have been trying to do this. We are about 1 year into small changes. One of the things I struggle with is getting enough healthy protein into my growing kids. I have figured out how to get tofu into many of our dishes, but still have problems with quick lunches that are balanced. We eat tons of fresh fruit and veggies and the kids love them. Maybe in another 5 years I will be where you are! I hope so!!!

Elizabeth @ TexasEbeth said...

I have an extremely resistant hubby but our kiddo (age 5)is awesome! He eats all sorts of fruits, veggies, & even salmon.I made a decision when he was born that we'd eat better. I've been making small changes over time with many to go but it has been worth it. Slow but steady wins!

Brenda said...

We are stuck in the middle some where. I do plan a week of menus at a time and try to sneak in as much healthy food as I can. One problem we have up here is that our produce is not great this time of year. Not much flavor. It is shipped to far and is either picked unripe or is old.

Lisa said...

We are doing the slow and steady too. Our major change (rather my major change) has been little/no processed foods. It's amazing the difference it makes.

Ursula said...

We have been making small changes. Lots more to be made though. We have terrible produce here, in Arizona, nothing but cotton grows so everything is shipped and tasteless. Every time I go to CA I feel like I'm in heaven with the fresh produce.

You might be inspiring me to do better. I like the one meal a week thing. Good idea!

Threads of Light said...

Thank you, Christine. Thanks for helping me to see that I don't have to be perfect at this, and that it's ok to keep going a step at a time. I really needed to read this today, to get myself out of a frame of mind that just isn't going anywhere.
Just wanted to say thanks for touching my life half a world away.

Michelle said...

It is true, a little change at a time.

I had to go gluten/wheat glucose syrup free about 8 months ago, and I've really noticed it. Not as tired, my asthma not as bad (unless I have a cold), not more pain each month (yay for that one!). And it is true, a little at a time.

Less (very few) processed foods, fresh veges and fruit and meat. So much cheaper, easier. Though, like you I do cheat a little sometimes (and then I really pay for it - nothing like pain for the next 8-24 hours!)

Andigrcpc said...

Would you be willing to give us a head start with a few more meals? I have such a lack of creativity when it comes to this topic. I like your tortilla meal idea. Are you up to sharing a few more?

Christine said...

For everything I've written on the topic of food, just head here:

Andigrcpc said...

Thanks so much!

Recovering Noah said...

I'll never forget winter two years ago when I decided that being a good mother meant making yummy casseroles full of cream of this and cream of that every night. We were all sick within 10 days of it. Seriously. I'd never fed my family anything like it, started doing it, and bam! we all had raging colds and messed up tummies.

The same thing happened in Sept when I decided to diet by doing low cal frozen meals for two of my meals a day. I developed stomach pains like I'd never had before. Changed my diet completely... cut out sugar, dairy, and gluten and lost 13 pounds over 3 weeks. Slowly started adding some stuff back in after Thanksgiving... bam! weight gain, bloating, and it's amazing how much depressed I've been. And sex? What's that?? I could go on and on...

Gee, it would have a lot quicker, Christine, if I'd just commented "Ditto!" wouldn't it? lol

Summer said...

You know my Michael is a junk food addict. Loves the stuff. I started serving only vegetarian for dinner. You don't like it, tough, make your own dinner.

A couple days ago he admitted that when he stops at gas stations now instead of a soda and a bag of donuts, he buys fruit juice and a health bar. Not a huge improvement, but an improvement. Little changes grow into big changes. :)

I love it!