Sunday, January 31, 2010

Therapeutic Parenting - Feelings


Hannah_Rae said...

YAY! :) I've always wanted a portable Christine! :)

Seriously though, that's AMAZING! :)



ange said...

Love these videos, keep them coming. We have always called it creative parenting, nice to know that we aren't the only ones who out crazy the crazies!
Man spring can't come soon enough, I am ready for a road trip to see ya,

Hannah_Rae said...

Wow. That's totally Jeremiah. 100%. Tonight, the hidden feeling behind the mad was sadness that Daddy got sick this weekend and wasn't able to spend time with him. :( We are definitley going to work on those hidden feelings. Does it work with I don't know's too? Cuz I don't even get "I'm mad" out of Gabe. Sometimes I'll get "I'm irritated." I guess that's the same thing.



Unknown said...

"'I don't know' is not an answer."

Our attachment therapist taught me that one.

"So, we can wait til you figure it out."

That's where the cards are GREAT - because they CAN'T pick mad or angry or irritated.

angie said...

Christine!! Your videos rule. Seriously, even though I don't have any "traumatized" kids, I can use these techniques too. You are adorable and so wise.

Marty Walden said...

You are beyond amazing, girl! I read your stuff and it clicks and gives me hope to continue this journey. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to use in any given situation that I just forget everything! What totally amazes me is your love for your kids and how laid back you are in dealing with huge issues. I can't go back but I so wish I knew 10 years ago what I know now.

kristal said...

so buying the feelings flashcards TODAY. thanks for giving specific ideas on how to "outcrazy". i'm just not good in the silly department. crazy, i'm good at. but not the kind i wanna show my kids:)