Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

Photo by Amy King - "I am so. very. thankful. for the latte & blueberry scone I'll be having for *breakfast* .....so many in Haiti want breakfast, too. The babies want milk. The mommas want their milk to. come. in.

From Dr Tom re: our new challenges at the hospital.....
'Every patient is now dehydrated. We had a patient's family member faint....and now she is a patient herself. This is ***not*** a 6-month disaster. We. are. a. refugee. camp. now.'

Beth told momma that if she tried to feed baby for 15 min...we'd give her a bowl of rice & beans...."

That's the Beth we've all grown to know and love at Heartline. They still need us. Every day they need us.


Jessica Lynn said...


Sean's Ladies said...

oh my goodness, Christine. My dh is in the other room talking to one of my kids about their wrong choices. She tends to scream and carry on when you try and address anything. B/c of your video, he's in there whispering so softly. She stopped screaming about 5 minutes ago. so cute. thanks!! :)

P.S. I hope one day to meet Beth in person. I think it is super fantastic that she is exchanging boobs for diri. LOVE it!! We need to make sure they have $$ to buy the rice to bribe the moms. ;)

Denise FB said...

Hi, I rarely comment but this one has been sitting with me for a few days now. I want to love it totally, because I'm all for the breastfeeding and encouraging thereof (I'm probably going to have to take a typing break to go nurse my own little one in a moment here.) but....but.... I can't stop being troubled by the "bribing" factor here. Yes breastfeeding is exactly what these babies, especially in some ways THESE babies need, and it's so much better for the Mommas too, but....but...I think most of us would be rightly horrified if some missionaries said, I'll give a bowl of rice and beans if you would listen to me tell you how much Jesus loves you...and those missionaries would be sincere in their belief that the telling of the love of Jesus was exactly what those Mommas need to hear. The means is justified by the end. And that's I guess where I am struggling, I so want to support all encouragement of breastfeeding, especially in nations were the alternatives are even more costly and less healthy than here in North America, but as a Christian I do firmly believe that we are never to treat anyone as a means to an end, even if the end is a wonderful amazing miracle like breastfeeding....

It also seems to have a tinge of a power differential, again not an intentional one or one used maliciously, but to me (and I fully acknowledge I'm not there and therefore don't have all the knowledge, facts and grounding of the people who are) to link a desired action with a giving or withholding of a necessity such as food has that feel to it.

I'm sorry to be a downer and to write so much, but I really want to reframe this for myself and get past my reservations here, because it is a beautiful picture and it is great that this baby is getting Momma magic milk, but I still have that slight torn feeling.

Please don't think I'm trying to denigrate the amazing work that Heartline and Beth are doing, nothing but admiration.

Unknown said...

See, I think you're making the assumption that they are withholding food. While every single person at their "hospital" is fed regularly.

And I know Beth ... and Heartline ... and that is the very LAST thing they would do. I can't even phathom such a thing.

My assumption (and I'd put all my money on it) is that this was an extra treat. She is not making enough milk. Only suckling will kick that in. And when that does happen, she will need the extra calories beyond what is already being provided. In a culture where breastfeeding is an uphill battle (no thanks to America's influence on Haiti), it takes so very much to save the lives of these mothers and children.

Which is exactly what breastfeeding does. It's life or death.

I think maybe you read something into it that isn't there.

Unknown said...

I did forget to mention this is exactly what the WIC program does. If you are a breastfeeding mother in America, you receive more food on the WIC program than a mother who is formula feeding.