Friday, February 26, 2010

T minus seven days and counting

In one week I will be sitting in Florida, regaining portions of my brain and heart which have gone into hiding.

I will be hanging out with a group of women I have never, ever met in real life. There are three, in particular, who have become precious email/phone friends as we all muddle through this gift of darkness we call special needs parenting. On the way home, I'm hoping I'll get to hug Lisa's neck for the first time EVER while I have a layover.

We have no agenda, other than to relax and hang out.

aaaaaaand me.

Today, I cry every time I think about it. Okay, so I'm crying about other things too, but this IS such a rarity for me. And by rarity, I mean IT NEVER HAPPENS. Mommy gets respite from everything, in a really beautiful place, staying in a really beautiful house, around all these really beautiful people. OH DEAR GOD, is this really happening?

We have had ongoing therapeutic interactions for almost two weeks running. You expect and know it will happen after major changes/events/tragedies, but still ... I'm spent.

I get to fly away from my home next Friday. I do not have to come back for three whole days. If this is a dream, do not pinch me. I cannot guarantee what my fight/flight response might be.

(photo by Gavin Spencer)


Hannah_Rae said...


Give Lisa a hug around the neck for me too.



PS. I caught Kaleb quoting you today. Hehehe.

kristal said...

could not be happier for you christine. counting down with you!

Over Yonder said...

That sounds like a dream for me. HECK the hubby and I haven't had a night alone in 10 years. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

Recovering Noah said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!! I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!

I wonder if I throw a loud enough tantrum if I''ll get my way. That's how it works, right? ;-)

Have fun!!!

whtmtnmom said...

Yep, green with envy here too. Found your blog through Ahren's mom Wendy's blog and have to say I love it! You have given me practical tips as well as inspiration to keep trudging through the unglamorous, ever challenging job of parenting my five which include three adopteds.

Thank you for your blog and have a fabulous grown-ups only trip!!

Kellie said...

I cannot believe I am on that list to go! It is so weird. I guess I won't believe that I am actually going anywhere sans children until I am landing in ORLANDO!!!!!!! I can't wait to laugh it up with you, Christine!!! :)


johnsonweider said...

I cannot imagine any group of people who more need - who more deserve - a vacation!!! I hope you all have FABULOUS time. :)