Saturday, March 06, 2010

Florida rundown - Saturday

* Corey started her tattoo series this afternoon. Her daughter's art. SO beautiful and special. Each character will represent a marathon she has run.

* The house just got quiet for a whole twenty seconds. That was WEIRD!

* I love these women. I seriously love, love, love these women. This was like a giant blind date, and we are all letting out a huge sigh of relief. We're very happy with the set up.

* It is amazing to be with women who can hear some of your most uncomfortable experiences/feelings as a mother, and instead of showing shock, they are all nodding in agreement. It is freeing. I AM NOT ALONE!

* Laura is friggin funny. She is the cheapest entertainment I have had in years. She's also my roomie, so I get All Laura - All The Time.

* Kellie - another of the chics who actually blogs - is beautifully psychotic. Stick her on your feed reader. Send her some love.

* All of them - ALL OF THEM - are treasures. Absolute treasures. We are a cooky, eclectic mix of women. It's beautiful. A magical mix. Sharing and encouraging and laughing and ... well ... having those really nutty discussions which can only happen when you put women together with free time.

* We're doing it again next year. Mark your calendar. You WILL be here.

5 comments: said...

enjoy every stinking minute, I'll start saving for next year!

beemommy said...

Hey, now that I know there's someone there that has beer in her blog name, I'll definitely be there. Sorry ladies, if you'd of given me the beer heads'd have gotten to see me this year.heeeheee

Have fun and drink plenty extra for me but don't blame me for your hangover, I may have one of my own.

I think we need some pics of you guys with some characters other than you characters, whatcha think? C'mon, surely there'a a loose Goofy somewhere there.

Laura said...

beautifully psychotic? I LIKE IT! :)

Laura said...

Funny how Kellie posted as me.

I don't know... was that a complement about me??? I'm unclear. Cheap entertainment? REALLY???

HA! My word verification is 'popie' What's that? Is it the same thing as 'plopie'?

Sara said...

Those are the sweetest tattoos EVER.