Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

"I nursed my older daughter until just past her 2nd birthday and realized after she weaned that I didn't have any photographs of this aspect of our relationship except for in her tiny newborn days. With my second daughter, I wanted to make sure to document it a bit better, and hence this picture. She is 16 months old now and still breastfeeding, and I imagine she will be for a while yet!"

(this photo of Julia and her daughter is used with permission by Kathy Krey Photography)


Juliana Crespo said...

Lovely. I've been thinking of having some pictures taken of me breastfeeding my daughter (eight months old). There's nothing like the bond a mother and child have through breastfeeding. So timeless and precious.

Jen said...

That is so sweet. I deeply regret not having any pictures of me breastfeeding. My nursling is headed to kindergarten in the fall, and that ship has sailed! I love seeing moms nursing older babies.