Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dude, you stink - eat this!

Did you know that your diet can make you stink?

Sure, we all know the gaseous issues that come with certain foods. There is the also the belching. Yet, have you ever stopped to ponder the pits? No? Well, join me, today, as we think about the history of our underarms and what we might be doing to make them disgusting.

I sweat. I sweat a lot. I have many times joked that I'm none too happy with my father, because the things I got from him were his nose, and his ability to sweat beyond belief. Perspiration has long been a problem for me. Thus, the stench of it has also been an issue. Throw on some massive deodorant products, and I then started to battle crusty, chemically coated armpits in each and every top and dress I have owned.

One day I thought to myself sweaty self, "Sweaty Self, you sweat. You will always sweat. Even antiperspirants do not stop the sweating. However, they do muck up your clothing. Not to mention, you are caking chemicals onto your body. Boo. So, perhaps it's time to just focus on the smell and stop with this losing battle of drippy pits."

And I did. I was super happy. I had always been the chic with the sweat rings, but now I wore them proudly. They weren't going anywhere. I knew that sweating was good for me, so I did it - well! I tried the deodorant crystal, but still had some odor. Not every day, but on the "bad days" I could knock someone over. I then made my own deodorant cream, fell madly in love, and have never turned back. I have not touched store bought deodorant in over two years. Meet my magic:

Christine's Homemade Deodorant

1 TB baking soda
1 TB cornstarch
1 tsp olive oil
1 TB shea butter (melted)
5-10 drops of essential oil (optional)

I added the shea butter over a year ago. I would get a little red and splotchy with my original concoction, and the shea butter keeps me all smooth and splotch-free. One batch always lasts me about two months. A little goes a very long way.

Okay, I have caught you up. NOW, let me tell you about the other changes I have seen this past year.

My diet directly affects my stinkage.

Seriously. Garbage in, fart/sweat out.

I used to believe what I was told - the actual smell comes from bacteria on our skin. Just believed it. Never actually thought about it or considered challenging this theory.

I got out of the habit of putting on deodorant every morning. Instead, I only put it on if I noticed that I needed it. Then, the more vegetarian and vegan we ate, the less and less and less I used my cream. I would go days. A few weeks ago, as I ran across others discussing the same things, I started to pay attention to my stinky days. And wadda' ya' know? They directly correlate to consuming processed products, dairy or meat. Ohhhh, and coffee. If we had an extremely stressful week and ate out a lot, or if we had treated ourselves too much ... out came the deo.

"Conventional doctors like to say it's due to bacteria living in your armpits. But that's ridiculous: our entire bodies are covered with bacteria, not just our armpits," says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of

Hey, that makes sense!

Okay, so we know that our diets affect our weight, our hearts/blood sugar, our libido and our depression/anxiety.

Now we know it affects our pits.

You are what you eat. Literally.


Melissa said...

I use a similar concoction, but with coconut oil instead of olive/shea. Works great except for the 76 degree melting point. I keep it in the fridge normally, but travel sometimes gets messy.

Kerrie said...

That is so awesome! I actually thought about contacting you not long ago about handling sweat stinkage, but decided to only bother you about the important things, you know, like how to keep from throwing myself or my daughter off the roof. I appreciate you reading my mind.

CORoots said...

SWEET! Thanks for the recipe! I went no poo a month and a half ago and I hate hate hate deodorant, but I need it. (I proudly fly my omnivorous flag) I can't wait to try this out!

Jennifer said...

What an awesome post! About a year ago I realized I could not use store bought deodorant anymore because it turned my pits into a big red itchy mess. I tried vinegar, the crystal, and now men's deodorant with no antiperspirant. None of them keep the stink away. I guess I'll just have to go vegan. Amazing!

Jules said...

Mike Adams is correct, sort of. Just to clarify for the sake of accuracy; although odorless initially, as apocrine sweat (armpit sweat) comes in contact with normal bacterial flora on the surface of the skin, an odor develops. So it absolutely is caused by bacteria. The exact function of apocrine glands is unclear, although they are thought to represent scent glands.

Brenda said...

Your nose is cute. I assume your armpits stink I have never been very sweaty or stinky. Or every one is to nice to point it out. I have seriously cut back on our consumption of red meat. But we still eat chicken and dairy.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

I use Tea Tree and Lavender when I need deoderant. I LOVE it--use the organic blend from Dessert Essence. I personally love how it smells, and it keeps the stink at bay for hours and hours. Nice tiny bottles that go in my carry on for over-seas travel too which is a plus when you are traveling so long that you've gone 48 hours withuot acess to a shower in hot planes and airports.

30 Days of Prayer for Katya

Michelle said...

I figured that we smell like what we eat (or my husband does) about 15 years ago when I started using celery salt in some recipes. I had to stop, because he stank out of every pore in his body!

I may have to consider your recipe for my 15yo son. Though he is at the age where "I had a shower!", "When?" "Wednesday." It is now Sunday! He is improving though

Summer said...

OK< I gotta ask. Does that work on feet? Cause my pits, a little water and they're usually fine. (Usually, though you're right, crap weeks means I need to cake on the deo) But my feet, damn. They're sprayed daily with antiperspirant, deodorant sprays, and washed 3 times a day. And still, stink.

Unknown said...

It does wonders for all odorous areas ... including your girly regions!

marythemom said...

So you just mix it together and keep it in a jar or something? How do you apply it? This is sooo cool!

I am blessed not to have an underarm smell unless I have been borrowing (or trying on) clothes owned by people who do, but my husband does. He is also allergic to all chemicals so can't use regular deodorant. We tried using the crystal type, but either it didn't work or he didn't want to mess with it (I'm not totally sure).

Does it work on RAD stink (you know that odor that RAD kids put out that has nothing to do with how frequently they bathe or poor hygeine?)?

Mary in TX

Unknown said...

Mary, you just put it in a little container of any kind, with a tight fitting lid. Get a tiny dollop on your finger and smear away.

I'm sure it would work very well on that special RAD smell, but the trick is to actually get them to APPLY it. :)