Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love to spend the night with people I've never met

One of my favorite things about this whole blogging thing is the people.

Yes, I'm a broken record. People, people, people. I just loooove me some people. Not all at the same time, but seriously - the world is a lovely place overall.

So, as it happens with many of you delightful lovelies out there, I build some friendships via digital means and social networking. Some of you have been there to carry me. Some of you have let me carry you. Yet others ... well, we just click. We share some stuff, some history, some really unique things.

That's my A. We have always had a lot to talk about. We have some shared experiences and understanding of one another which has caused us to always keep gravitating together.

Being the very conservative, withdrawn person I am (*cough*), when I mentioned I would be in Austin last week, and she said, "You should spend the night at our place!" ... I, of course, said, "OKAY! Oh, but I can't be there until after 11 pm."

Yup. Meeting she and H for the very first time, and I don't cross their threshold until late into the evening! I couldn't help myself, though. We had been dying to bring our friendship into flesh-and-blood for such a long time. They were both so unbelievably gracious. Their sweet daughter was scrumb-diddly-icious. They are expecting a baby boy in just 10 weeks - whoop! It was just so very, very rich.

I guess this post has three points:

#1 - to serve as a massive THANK YOU to A and H and J for sharing themselves and their home with me.

#2 - I wanted to pimp their blog "We are Fambly" because it's a fun read.


#3 - as a warning to be careful when you offer to meet me by having me spend the night at your house. I will totally take you up on it ... even if I'm not arriving until after God has gone to bed.


Annie said...


(I know; fat chance....but....we'll always make room for you!)

J. said...

One of my dearest friends and now neighbours was met through my knitting blog... blogs are great like that. If you are in Ontario we'll make room, it's a big province but all the good places are near us.

Shan said...

Ok, I'm safely in. ;) I'm glad you got to meet one of your buddies! I admire the extrovert in you! Blog friends are some of the greatest connections though aren't they?

I like the way the pic looks like a Polaroid. And hip hip hooray for babies!

ohchicken said...

thanks for the proper pimpin!

we adore you and can't wait for our second date!


Aleisha said...

...and any time in the DFW'll have a place!!!

Dia por Dia said...

I am jealous! :-)

ohchicken said...

ms dia, you're next. when are you home?

Owlhaven said...

Sooooo.....I'm going to be in Austin the first weekend in October, for the Together For Adoption conference. You going?? Karyn Purvis is speaking! If you're going, I gotta meet you, girl!

Mary, mom to 10, 6 adopted.

Christine said...

Well, it's still slightly possible. After Jamie Ivey frowned and whined, "You're not goooooinnnnng" ... I looked at some possibilities to make it work.

It may be that I only pop out that Saturday. I'll blog about it for sure, if I can swing it!

Summer said...

My couch is comfy, come on up. :)

Owlhaven said...

Yay, that would be great fun-- hope you can come!


Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

I can't wait to sleep with you in two weeks! And if you make it to the Austin conference, we can have a threesome with Jamie.