Friday, July 16, 2010

Letting my dready freak flag fly

Today my dreads are 8 months and 1 day old.

I love them more every day.

I love how they go from flat and tame to frizzy-freak-out overnight.

I love thinking about them and I love not having to think about them.

I love how I still sometimes have to stare at myself in the mirror to let it sink in - "Wow. I actually have dreads. I actually did it."

I love how easy it is for me to accept them exactly the way they are, in their natural state, as they slowly twist and turn and find their way into a nice, tight lock.

I know that not everyone gets it. I know not everyone wants it. I know plenty of people think it's the nastiest, craziest, most unkempt ... anything.

But oh my holy cow, I love them. They complete me.

(many thanks to my long-time friend, Stephanie Kimbrough, for sending me this pic she grabbed at our All-School Reunion - Steph is really itching for her own head of dreads)


ohchicken said...

i look forward to the day that helen goes back to her natural dreaded state. srsly, check her out:


Summer said...

Love them! I really need to get a recent picture of mine.

Kendall said...

I love them! I would like to do it to my hair but don't think I have the patience to do it myself and have no idea who to go to around here to help me!
You go girl!

Cathy Givans said...

they are really starting to look "dreadful"! Lol. But seriously, they are really looking good! Still never did mine....give me a few more years, still pretty new at this smoochin trees thing, lol! :)

Babetta said...

wow I love them
i remember when you started them
and i look forward to the day when i can leave 'corporate america' and start my own

Oldqueen44 said...

uhum... I guess I fall into the category of scary hair. But cool for you.
I just watched your pee song video. What a crack up. It will be such a blessing for my daughter to hear some humor about pee before she goes crazy with her adopted boy who uses pee to make her pay for everything that triggers him. He is mentally challenged so he can't verbally express his feelings. However he gets the point across with his always functioning bladder.

Meli said...

Ahhh, we dreaded up around the same time... Awesome!
They're looking great!!!

Cheale said...

I soo want to get dreads ... did you have them professionally done?

Christine said...

Cheale, for more of my dreadie info, just click on the "dreadlocks" label at the end of this post.

Family of Movers said...

Love the freedom of dreads. You are rocking it! Mine are a month old. Peace and love.