Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlogHer '10 recap - lathargic style

I do not have a ton of pictures from the actual conference, because I was way too busy trying to keep my phone battery from going dead ... but mostly because I really tried to focus my time on individuals. Let me just say - I met some of the most amazing women (or got to know on-line reads in real life).

I pulled out just about six business cards of people with whom I did NOT have a truly significant conversation. The rest, I was able to absorb and adore before even bothering to ask if they had a card (because then I really, really wanted to keep up with them because I knew them, ya' know?). I occasionally felt the urge to melt into the flutter, and fly through a room much too quickly. There is so much going on and there are SO MANY WOMEN, but I knew my intent for being there and I fought for it. So very glad I did.

Central Park from my window

I loved, loved, LOVED sharing my Poor Pitiful Pearl tops with New York. Again, big thanks for the discounts and allowing me to bring really creative sustainability and upcycling to the weekend. It felt so grand to have these on.

Got to tag along with Kristen to a party hosted by Nikon. Sported my new skirt made from a table cloth and a *shock!* black cami. I'm pretty sure there were actual Nikon cameras there, but I didn't notice for all of the NYC firefighters who were walking around busting out of their t-shirts. The balcony overlooked Bryant Park. Yeah, this party TOOOOOOTALLY sucked. It was an out-of-body experience. Or, should a I say, a completely out-of-Christine's-norm experience.

I fell in love with this chic. Isn't she fabulous? Her name is also Christine (so we started off on the right foot), and she was there to talk about HPV and cervical cancer. Also gave me a little "Save the Hooch" button with a happy cervix - currently on my 12-yr-old's cap. I also came away with an infamous Yellow Umbrella. Check out the site and Christine Baze's story.

Looked up while getting a bagel the first morning and thought, "Man, that guy looks just like Bruce Jenner." Then I noticed the enormous line of women waiting to have a pic made with him, and assumed I had guessed correctly. I did not get my pic with him. I just sighed and tried to remember what his old face looked like.

Typing haikus. chunk-chunk-chunk

Enjoying a lunch with other women who share a passion for adoption.

I may or may not have made condom earrings at the Eden Fantasys party. If I HAD, though, I'm pretty sure they would have received compliments all evening. Ya' know ... if I HAD. (note the awesome who-the-hey-diddle-knows-how-old-it-is Liz Claiborne dress - bought it years ago at Goodwill for about $7)

Speaking of Eden Fantasys, I may or may not have decorated one of these at their party. I also may or may not have texted pics to my husband and a few friends. One of the funniest experiences of my life. These ladies cracked me up. At the same time, I picked up some great information and witnessed extreme public support for sexual responsibility. It was truly a great party. Not simply a giggle fest.

Kept things very casual and very "Christine." I only took two pair of jeans and wore them both twice. Both are almost a decade old. Both were bought at the same time from Old Navy. They ARE different. One is "at waist" and one is "just below waist." :) And what? Is that a black cami? How off-the-beaten-path of me.

Why, yes, I did take a pic of myself in the foyer mirrors by the elevator every day. Go ahead and laugh. My husband beat you to it.

Enjoyed every single party I could, that was included with the price of admission. I have not danced that much in years. Really bonded with some of my new gal pals on the dance floor.

Will tell you more about this chic later. But it's true what they say - Canadians turned New Yorkers really do have more fun.

This Megan gal was the best sightseeing companion on the planet. She is seriously super. Go read her.

Megan kept making me laugh really hard, which explains the scrunchy face. She's too funny. That can be a problem for some people.

To be continued ...


miss tejota said...

I'm so glad you had fun at BlogHer '10 and I'm even happier that I finally met you. BlogHer '11 we are so hanging out.

And I might have piddle on myself with the comment about trying to remember what Bruce Jenner's face use to look like.

Summer said...

Sounds like a blast.

Unknown said...

Glad you had a blast, but so dissapointed I didn't get a text message with the decorated...uh, yeah.... :)

Leslie Richman said...

Looks super fun! Thanks for the link to Christine- great info.

Emily said...

Looks fantastic - love that you had such a fun time in NYC.

Also loved your last post - enjoyed your trip but love your life. That's the best way.

Mandy said...

HILARIOUS!! A friend of mine pointed me in your bloggy direction - we are soon to be licensed foster parents and she said this was the place to come for info about RAD and things of the such. Excited to go through some of your old posts!

Molly said...

So since the BoF lunch I downloaded the shakey photo app. I'm totally obsessed!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming to our dildo decorating/condom crafting party! We're so glad it was a hit with everyone. :)

Deb Rox said...

Wow, your photos are the best!!