Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get your vegan groove on - Dinner (or supper - whatever!)

Ahhh, this is where we get to be a little more creative ... when we have time and the energy. So, it can be either. New or mundane. Extensive or quick. You decide.

I am just going to list you some of our very favorite dishes. Sometimes I add beans to these, if it's a typical meat dish. Sometimes I don't. Aren't choices great?

Tofu with rice or pasta or whatever!
Spaghetti (although, we're always switching around the type/shape of pasta)
Black Bean Burgers (I try new recipes for this all the time)
Brown rice or pasta with veggies (whatever is in season at the time - steam or saute)
Black bean burritos
Beans and rice
Veggie pizza (using veggie shreds instead of regular cheese - and, of course, a whole wheat crust)
I now make our Chicken Creole Sauce without chicken - sub veggie broth - and just pour over rice
Baked potatoes (think outside the "topping" box and go for fun but healthy)
Taco soup (we like to slop ours up with whole wheat tortillas or tortilla chips)
Macaroni & "Cheese"
Breakfast for dinner
Peanut Noodles (but we make with tahini, due to food allergies)
Veggie Gumbo (we make it without the "sausage")

And then I love to try a new recipe a few times each month. For instance, this week I'm trying Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes. I have had a few completely bomb. However, when one rocks the Casbah, we have a new favorite! To spark your own creativity, head over to find my list of vegan websites.

Now, go make a little schedule for the week. Make a list. And get on it!

Have I mentioned you can email me with questions? Cause, you can!

christinemoers [at] hotmail [dot] com


Steph, G's Mom said...

This is a great list! Can you tell me what version of tofu you find works best for what? and is there a way to have tofu and anything where the tofu can just be itself and yet not have everybody worry about having big chunks of tofu in there? I would love to make it quick ( all my dinners have to fall under quick on the weekdays) but what's the best way and which type of tofu? I guess those yummy hunks of it in Chinese food are probably fried?

Also one thing is you don't seem to mention tempeh or that saitan stuff or you use those? They seem to be as processed as bad processed food!


Christine said...

Steph, click on the actual link up there on the word "Tofu." That is my favorite way to cook it. You can then use it basically like chicken.

I have the occasional faux "meat," etc., but rarely. I don't really like them. I did attempt to make our own vegan sausage this last week. The kids actually liked it, and we crumbled it on our English muffin pizzas later in the week. You can find the recipe at Vegan Dad's website.

But it is a rare occurrence in our home.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the sites and I think the Crispy Cajun Chickpea Cakes look amazing! I can't wait to try them.
Christine, you are an inspiration to me on so many levels!

Hannah_Rae said...

I know you said you were going to post on the whole soy debate. I am allergic to soy, so this is definitely an issue for our family. Protein ideas?



Christine said...


There is protein in soooo many things. Beans, nuts, and even quinoa is a great source!!

Soy, is not our main source, by any means. It's just one of the things we add occasionally.

Kerry said...

Christine! I hate you! I love you! Grrrrr the frustration! I used to be vegan, John Robbins got me going. I so desperately wanted to be "normal" about food. I've been "normal" for a long time now, but I still have so many issues surrounding food, I might as well make them healthy. We've been talking about going vegan, and I just woke up to declare today the day!

No idea how we are going to make this work, but my big kids are gone for 5 days so it's a good time to make some changes. Unless you consider that I have two huge freezers full of meats and cheeses, then it's not such a good time! Doing it anyway! :)

Susan T. said...

Hi, Christine. I've been enjoying your blog so much. You and the other RAD moms are a real inspiration.

Did you know about the recipes here?

I'm planning to try more of them. The blogger (who I don't know at all) is a great photographer, too.

Chicken Spaghetti (about kids' books!)

Anonymous said...

How did the Chickpea patties turn out? I'm thinking about trying the recipe:)

Christine said...

We loved the patties! Now a favorite.