Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How Christine packs for BlogHer '10

I leave early tomorrow morning for New York City. It's BlogHer time. What the heck? When exactly did that happen?

A few weeks ago, I began following the #blogher10 hashtag on Twitter. It started to give me hives. It has been i.n.t.e.n.s.e. Granted, when you take a step back and look at it, the most mammoth of these flying tweets have more to do with contests and sponsors and women who are really, really, really hoping to get lots of free stuff (because they have been sitting at home, covered in spit-up and poo for three months running, so they should - THEY SHOULD WANT AND GET THE FREE STUFF). But alas, it can be a wee bit exhausting to watch unfold.

This whole BlogHer thing is interesting. It represents millions of things while representing one thing: women. I will go to this conference and will be surrounded by insane amounts of diversity. Yet the one common thread is that "women control .82 cents on every household dollar" and for all that our predecessors endured and fought for, we have a massive voice.

All of us.

Different, as we are.

What I hope that does is encourage women to continue to just be themselves. Sure, I have issues with "fashion" as defined by whoever "they" are that tell us what is cool this year but won't be in another five, but will be again in another 20. And there is sooooo much twitter talk about what people are wearing and sponsorships and shoe porn and branding and shopping. You know me - I grapple with the realities of wastefulness and greed. I try to find a balance between functioning as a mom of five kids and still really caring about and being extremely proactive in fighting for the "least of these."

Allllll of that to say: here is how I'm packing for BlogHer!

First, the only new items of clothing I purchased for the weekend are not actually new at all. They are upcycled. Slow Pony Home first turned me on to this amazing gal right out near me in New Braunfels. Please, please, please check out Poor Pitiful Pearl and all of her amazing pieces. This woman is astounding ... really. Read about PPP. Stop by her blog and tell her hello. Let her know you found her right here. She discounted these items for me in exchange for me telling the world about all that is the Poor Pitiful Pearl fabulousness!

While in NYC, I will be wearing this and this.

When money was spent, this is where I chose to spend it. Renewable. Beautiful. Playful. One of a kind. Spectacular. Creative. So, get over there and tell her I sent you! Encourage this mother in her business that truly benefits the world.

Oh, wait. Confession time. I DID, in fact, spend a little more money on something. You see, I have two nights of parties. I am all for the parties! Yet, what to wear? I have my BBD I bought years ago at Goodwill for about $6. It is a Liz Claiborne, I think. Seriously - has been my main BBD for almost a decade. I heart it. ACK! I'm chasing a rabbit. Back to where the money went.

So, I was still needing something to throw on for the second night of yumminess. I was in a thrift store and found a table skirt. You know ... like you go to a wedding and the tables have these really fancy skirts on them. They are typically made of wonderfully glamorous material. Ya' know, like this:

Starting My Party Skirt

Tables are kind of big. There was a LOT of material here, but already nice and pleated up for me.

Miles Of Table Skirt

I got busy. Cut off excess (which I will use for dress-up clothes for the girls post-conference). Made a waist band out of the white part (that is usually hidden at said banquets by things like a top table cloth, groom's cake and yummy wedding mints). Ran some elastic through it so it will not fall off of me while walking down Avenue of the Americas. I hand stitched in some "bunching" (that would be an official sewing term) to give it a little, ya' know ... bunching. Voila!

Part Skirt DONE!

I will, of course, just be wearing my black cami top, because ... well, come on! That's what I do!

I have thrown in my calling cards (note the great, and very "Christine" pic, taken by none other than Sara Janssen):

I am ready.

I get to meet some of the most amazing women this weekend. Honestly, I have never, ever read The Pioneer Woman's blog, and won't know her if I see her. But I will get to meet heroes like Megan, who are parenting trauma. I get to dine with a gal who has read me from the very, very beginning and has become a cyber friend over the years (who does not blog or do social media stuff, but is beautiful and amazing and actually wants to share some of her time with ME!). I get to wait until Kristen goes to sleep every night, shove pretzels up her nose, take pictures and tweet them. I'm afraid if she and I start to talk about the difficulties of adoption and realities of our lives on most days, we won't stop crying. So, I'll just do the pretzel thing. I'm very shallow that way.

I will try to tweet (@christinemoers) and blog and Facebook throughout the weekend. I cannot decide what is more exciting: the conference, the city, the five days without children, the first Jet Blue experience, the subway, the people watching. Stay tuned and find out.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I'm a tiny tiny bit jealous of you going to BlogHer. You will have tons of fun & learn all sorts of cool stuff.

p.s. bohemian said...

here's wishing you a grand adventure - love your new finds btw - so delicious!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Have fun!! I am SO JEALOUS. I admit it. I am. I just am. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing. Know you will have a great time - looking forward to reading about it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not jealous of BlogHer. I'm just jealous of everyone that gets to spend time this week with my Christine.. xoxo

Unknown said...

LOOOOOOVE the clothes! Seriously, wish I could learn how to pull amazing stuff off like that! One of these days I will have time to actually look at something and see it for something else. For now, I am still amazed I brush my teeth everyday! :)

Michelle said...

Have fun!! Eat, drink, be merry! I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pictures of you in your fabulous clothes. New Braunfels is just down the road from me, too, so I'll be checking out PPP more.

Kacie said...

Following the blogher posts last year was a little exhausting... it seemed like such a rush to get stuff, to see the blog "stars", to be cool and popular and hang out with people that are cool and popular.

I wasn't too interested.
However, if all those women do have a voice, I hope they're longing for something meaningful, and I hope that you and others can bring that.

Dianne said...

Sounds like fun!

My excitement for the week was getting my nose pierced! It's in honor of turning 40, losing 10 pounds & in defiance of my mother (hee hee, not really, but she does hate them). I love it!

Crayl said...

Brilliant skirt. <3 Can't wait to here your stories from this trip.

Corrin said...

GENIUS! I want a whole closet of big puffy table cloth skirts.