Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Can you go vegan and gluten free and still eat?"

Some one asked me that question about a week ago. What I did not reveal at the time was that my husband and I were talking about him cutting out gluten. We are now entering his second week, so it may still take some time to find out if this is a cause to many of his lifelong woes.

What we have discovered, though, is that you can eat pretty dang good sans the gluten. We have substituted rice noodles for regular pasta (which we did years ago when our youngest was still allergic to wheat). The veggie shreds we use for everything are gluten free. While gluten free bread makes a pretty crappy sandwich, it does really well if you eat just one slice with some hummus slathered on it and some veggies piled on top.

Oh yeah ... hummus is okay. GOD BLESS HUMMUS.

We're no strangers to corn tortillas or big romaine lettuce leaves for wraps. Rice is fine - yum.

He can do tortilla chips but not pretzels. However, he is in LOVE with rice crackers, so they fill that crunchy snack craving.

While some oats are out, grits are in.

The biggest things that are a change from our norm are the whole grain pastas and breads. Rice pasta is an easy switch, and we had already shifted our eating so that bread was not a massive staple.

Anywho. That's the gluten free scoop. Still not sure if this is going to be the "big mystery" we've wondered about for a long time, but it is definitely worth a try. I also love that it is better helping me to understand all of you GF peeps. I can give you ideas for altering any recipes I share. Whoooop!


Integrity Singer said...

this is funny to me because being gluten free, I pretty much feel I'm vegan. But I do like my fish and poultry and about every 14 days I get a hankering for red meat. But on the outset, I get my protein largely from my legumes and eggs.

now if you're talking ovolacto-organic vegan... that's a whole other can of worms

Abby said...

I love this recipe for lentil tacos (except we eat them as lentil nachos)

The recipe calls for chicken broth. You could use a gf veggie broth, but I save $$ and use water. It also cuts out the sodium and doesn't affect taste. It's yummy, we always gobble it up. Quick & easy too, so that's an incentive for me to make it.

Mike and Christie said...

Enjoyed checking out your blog. :)
BTW- I am gluten free. Have been for 4 years (next month)
I have discovered OATMEAL that is Gluten free! Available from Bob's Red Mill brand. Pricey, but after nearly 4 years of no oatmeal, it was totally worth it!!!!!!

Also, just discovered "Wild Alaskan" fish nuggets (gluten free batter) WOW! They were so good. Not sure if it is because I have been so deprived. :)

I have several gluten free menus on my blog if you want to swing by. :)
We are also home schoolers, and we have adopted 3.... actually 7. LOL
(my husband adopted my 4 bios long ago, and now they are ..... uh.... you're age! LOL

So we now have 3 girls. 2 from Ukraine, one from the far off foreign country of OKLAHOMA!
(she was our little rad girl)
Note I said WAS! We are doing really well.

Anyhoo..... off to finish getting 3 girls to bed.
And pee.... oh I remember pee. :)

Sarah said...

some of the best I've found

B_girl said...

My husband was on a Candida diet which pretty much cut out all food options! During that time I found Breads from Anna. It is amazing. I only tried the gluten/yeast/dairy/EVERYTHING free bread, but we were extremely happy to have bread. Check it out!

Shan said...

I'm interested to hear how your gf study goes. I am going semi-veg but re-HEALY don't want to go gluten free if we don't need to. We have a boy with tummy issues that is mostly dairy related but is still confusing at times.
I LOVE lentil tacos and I have a totally different recipe that always hides from me when I am looking for it. It uses soft corn tacos and lentils cooked in cx broth (but of course you could do what Abby said). My recipe has a easy homemade corn tomato salsa with cilantro and my favorite ingredient in them is avocado. I don't even miss the cheese. mmmm

Family of Movers said...

Hi! My husband has kidney stones and his particular type of stones indicate that he can't have wheat. I also have a daughter with eczema who as research has suggested wheat is a common problem for eczema. I feel like I can't afford this 'new' way of eating but it's better than pills.

Christine said...

Family of Movers, email me! We eat healthy and CHEAP!

rachel said...

I am super excited about the WONDERFUL change in my five year old with PTSD since we have gone gluten free about 2 months ago. I first did it because of her rashes and constant complaints about tummy pain. Not only did it clear up those issues, but it took care of 90% of her nasty behaviors!!! She is still hyper, but is a happy loving chatterbox who is lots of fun! She used to be super mean, rude, disrespectful. Even after a year of excellant therapy, she was spitting at me, outright disobediant, running away from me. I can't believe this is the same child. She is very very proud of herself and does not ask for forbidden foods because she is so happy to be a good girl. Any effort and expense is more then worth it.

Anonymous said...

Gluten free, here, too. actually, lots of allergies. Its always funny to look for vegan recipes to serve as a side with my meat . . . sigh. But there are some really good gf pretzels - glutino i think is the brand. they are $$, but they taste like . . . pretzels.

oh, and we had hummus tonight! with corn chips and rice crackers! Good luck!

Brittany said...

Hello, we are a mostly gluten free household. Our youngest is allergic to...A LOT!....the "newest" allergy that we are working on is Wheat but we have cut out gluten complete from his diet and have seen wonderful results. I agree with dbmamaz- glutino makes some amazing pretzels! and their crackers, especially the veggie flavored kind, are super good too! you can buy their food on line for a little cheaper than you can get in the store.
We also love love love Udi's. They make pretty awesome bread- not quite the same as wheat bread but not as bad as some gf brands out there! They also make bagels that are slowly making their way in to bagel shops. You can find a bunch of their tasty stuff on their website too.
Good luck with your gf journey. Its not easy but its definitely worth it if it helps!