Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is there anybody going to listen to my story ...

... all about the boy who came to stay?

15 year ago he stood with sweaty palms, in front of a room full of people, and promised to partner with me in life ... forever ... no matter what.

He is still here, despite the "no matter what."

And he is truly amazing.

If you know him, you love him.

Once I said, "I'm getting my hair done today. Was going to do something kinda' crazy. Are you cool with that?" His response was, "You are the most beautiful when you are happy. Do whatever makes you happy." And he meant it. He always means it.

He has that "infectious way of laughing right out loud, that takes away my pain and lights the dark."

We could converse for two weeks straight, only quoting Seinfeld, Friends and a dash of The Office.

In my darkest days of anxiety and depression, in the middle of what I now know was my worst panic attack ... I wanted him. I just knew if he was there, I'd be okay.

When I text him to say we have had a rough day at home, he arrives and gives me all of his firsts (first hello, first hug, first one-on-one time). Then he takes the lead in having the kids make repairs for whatever has gone down that day. He. has. my. back.

I cook and he does the dishes. He also irons all of his own clothes. He sees my work in our home for all that it is. He supports it. He respects it.

Yet, I can walk away anytime, for any length of time, and he parents. He parents fully and willingly. He is Dad.

He loves football. He would butter bread with football, if he could. Watching him watch football is a favorite activity for the rest of us. It's loud. There is lots of clapping. It is so great, and a little funny. I laugh and I joke, but I love it.

He fell asleep in the middle of our first kiss (and I always leave out the part where I had kept him up all night talking - and he always makes sure to add it in).

The first time we danced, he dipped me and accidentally dropped me ... on my head.

When I dropped a basketball goal on the hood of our new van, leaving a nice, solid dent, he chuckled. He was not upset. He made a joke.

He has been there for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. He loves me. He cherishes me.

We are not the same people we were 15 years ago. Yet, we are closer to one another now, than we have ever been.

I love you, Michael Ray Moers.

I love you.


Anonymous said...

You two have a beautiful love story! Congrats!

chelle.white said...


So, like me, you were concussed into marriage? My hubby was talking and thought I was going to tickle him (I was about to stand), and so pulled his arms down, and being 1' taller than me, smashed me on top of the head! The day before we started going out together!

We are still going strong after 21 years. (I'm waiting for the concussion to wear off ;D )

sandwichinwi said...

that was beautiful. you have such a gift with words. i'm all teary reading your story. happy anniversary!


GB's Mom said...

That is beautiful. You are lucky to have found one another ans smart for recognizing what you have.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you both. What a magnificent tribute to the man you love and who clearly loves you.

Anonymous said...

I think I may be in love with him too after this tribute.

Happy anniversary to you two. May this year be fantastic.

Momma too Many said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! You two are truly blessed in each other!

Lisa said...

It's great to see real committed love on display. Thanks for sharing!

a Tonggu Momma said...

This made me smile. And wonder why the husband never dropped me on MY head. I'm totally jealous now.

Anonymous said...

I think I may be fighting back tears. So beautiful. Congratulations!

marythemom said...

Fighting back tears here too. You are two very amazing people and God did good putting you together.

Thank you for sharing,
Mary in TX

Hope it works out that I get to finally meet you on the 24th, but you definitely need to prioritize celebrating your anniversary!

abs said...


Brandy-new rad mom said...

Kinda cool when you wake up 5, 10, 15 years later to the same man to whom you are still madly in love with and whether or not you have a ton of faith, you can't deny God does exist.

Congrats to you guys and what a great legacy of love you leave behind not only for your children but for everyone in your path!

The Lundys said...

awwww, love it. congrats to you two!

Natalie Reyna said...

Just one more reason for me to love you to and desire to be just like you. We miss y'all so much . Y'all are great people to look up to and what a wonderful family.

Sara said...

*sigh* I love love.

Shan said...

Good grief Christine. I had my mascara on pretty solid before reading this. I shoulda had you write my recent 14 yr. anniversary thoughts. You could do them for people MadLib style and we could fill in the necessary nouns and such. :)

Congrats on fifteen together stronger than ever!

Candis said...

What a tribute.
And its lucky you guys are in Texas. NOTHING is bigger in Texas than football.

Sammie said...

Can we clone him? You are making us single Mom's (and probably some of you married Mom's) very jelous. I'm so glad you have him and so happy for your kids to have such a guy for their Dad.

Anonymous said...

You two are both amazing, and an amazing pair. It is an honor to know you.



JYowell1 said...

What a beautiful post Christine!

Laynie said...

I love you both and you totally deserve one another! What a blessing for you both to get to spend everyday and all your greatest and not-so-greatest moments with your best friend!