Friday, September 10, 2010

Juggling children and hormones (a toxic combination)

I have days when I dream about the ease it was to just have three kids. Three kids with some issues, yes, but not the magnitude I balance now.

Of course, if I could go back and talk to three-kid-Christine, she would yell at me and say, "SHUT UP! You have NO idea what you're talking about. Now, get out or HELP ME!"

Yeah, three-kid-Christine was still falling off the no-yelling wagon on occasion. It was a process.

I'm also a grown up who can read a calendar. Amazingly, there is this one particular week each month when the things I juggle every other day seem larger, more daunting and downright impossible. Okay, not impossible. But impossible to do and still find my happy.

Do you all celebrate this holiday season, as well? The official "Where The Hell Did My Happy Go" Week? Apparently, it went the same place that my nice, steady progesterone and estrogen levels went. The abyss of womanliness.

It is during this celebratory time of the month when I have to look harder for the happy. This morning, a little elf left a box of Mate Chai tea on my doorstep. I have run two whole miles THREE TIMES. My husband adores me. Thai food is packaged directly in heaven. My children who are regulated make me laugh. Okay, sometimes the not-so-regulated ones make me laugh, but in their own special way. I have some amazing people in my life - they are funny and clever and a treat. I'm sitting in the public library, and my UPS guy spotted our van and brought a package in to me (he normally doesn't make his run out to the park until after dinner). Small towns can be good.


Pardon me, if you will. I need to go start decorating my bike for the "Where The Hell Did My Happy Go" parade. I'm gonna' keep finding it, gosh darn it.


Shan said...

It's nice how you can at least realize it and see it through semi-rationally. I am always sure I will either die a tragically young death or leave my entire family and join a chihuahua commune.
Keep seeking the happies! You make lots of them for everyone around you.

Christine said...

A chihuahua commune. Pretty sure my house already sounds like that most days.

The Hills said...

I so need to join the "Where the Hell did my Happy Go" parade...6 months pregnant and alone with my 6 and 3 year old until my husband gets back (in 7 weeks). The kids are typical kids, and my hormones are typical hormones...which means I run out of patience sometime around 8:30am every day. After the diarrhea in the car seat episode this morning, I bought myself an entire key lime pie least I have something to look forward to at the end of the day!!!

Heather of the EO said...

I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.

Nope. I'm just perfectly serene and hormonally balanced over here at all times.

Just ask my husband.

(I love sarcasm)

Thank you for making me feel normal.

Dianne said...

I too look back at our 2 kid days and think "Girl, you had NO idea". Of course, next week, we are going from 6 kids back down to 4 and we're going to feel like we are on vacation! :)

(Oh - 1 kid (our most challenging) is getting adopted (by someone else) Yeah! and the other is turning 18 and has decided she wants to be an adult rather than stay here until she graduates. Sigh.)

lmfarm49 said...

Well, I think I have you a little beat, because I'm going through MENOPAUSE and it's random, so the calendar is no help!! I guess the silver lining on that one is "at least you have 3 good weeks!" ha.
I am there alot lately, since Fall is a tough time for my little Rad- it coincides with her coming into fostercare and it was traumatic, so we all get to suffer along with her every year! yah. I KNOW I was a nicer mom before she came into my life, but I think now I'm a better mom- hoping the trade off pays off for everyone.
On a side note, our 3 yo foster daughter (also demonstrating lots of RAD behaviors) is going home next week, so we will be having a Going Away-Yah party next week- the day after she leaves! :-) So hopefully we will be finding our Happy too!

Erin said...

During my last hormonal episode, I thought someone was trying to steal my personality, convinced myself I had a stalker, and felt possessive over giving out my recipes. Afterwards, I couldn't for the life of me figure out where on earth I'd come up with all that stuff!

Jess said...

Currently joining that parade every two freakin' weeks. Hormones yet to settle down after bub number 5. Need to stop wishing the house would burn down so I wouldn't have to clean up the bloody awful MESS.

Diana said...

Bring that parade past my house, would you? I'd like to join the procession!

The Sexton Crew said...

I'll be the one propped up in a vintage convertible caddy wearing a diamond tiara and "PMS Princess" sash. Instead of a queenly wave, I'll be flipping people off...but in a classy way, of course. (which I learned from Tara Livesay)

I love a parade!