Friday, September 24, 2010

Nomadic ebb and flow

This is another one of those weeks. It is the part of the whole RV park thing that we love to hate. People come, and then ... well, they go.

We love to have them. We love to be a temporary community for them. And we actually love to see them roll out. That's the point. Nomads love to move. They miss us, too. However, there is something so unique about the lift in their voices just as it is about time to hit the road again. Heck, you can hear it in the rumble of their rig as they're driving up the hill, toward the highway.

It is interesting to watch it in each person. It's not a bouncing-off-the-walls kind of excitement. It takes some effort to get everything hunkered down and highway-ready. It's a process, and every one has their own approach and "system." Yet, in the middle of it, there is this spark. Enthusiasm doesn't seem like the right word.

A heartbeat.

It starts to pound a bit more loudly. It picks up speed. It is driving them to get back out there. Most of them don't trek more than a few hours a day, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the spirit - that heartbeat. It's movement. It's new faces and new places and new food and new scenery.

Today is another good-bye. It's one that's a little harder than the average. Sometimes we are gifted with having people with us (or in the area) for a bit longer stay. We met Kev and Ang in April, and they have been either here, or an easy drive from us since that time. We became spoiled. It was a treat to have them back in the park before they are officially heading west. It will be quite a while before we get to see them again.

They are special people. My kids adore them. We are crazy blessed to have them in our lives, and so thrilled to give them that proverbial slap on the butt on their way out the door (proverbial, Kevin ... proverbial!).

Peace. Love. Beaver Nuggets.


alicia said...

I love that you get us gypsies.

Whenever we are packed up and ready to drive somewhere I get tears in my eyes. Dan is nice to me and he gets this emotional pull of the road, and I will look at him and say "I love that this is our home and this is my life"

Thank you for putting it into words.

ps. Looking forward to the drive into Hillshade. That makes my eyes well up too.

Sara said...

This is a beautiful post Christine. You describe it so's something we've done SO many times but it's still an emotional process. But once you taste the freedom of the coming and's really hard to go back to a "normal life". At least not for very long ;-) And yes, you were spoiled having them close for so long! Now I get to have them close for awhile.

Nobody said...

We experience something similar to this at camp. People come, and they look forward all year to being here. They're open in a different way than they are in their real lives. We get to hang out with them while they're just loving being here. Then they go home, and we don't see them for another year. Maybe longer.

I used to worry about this with the girls and their attachment issues, but it's actually been positive. They see people come and go, in and out of their lives, but our family and home remains the constant. And it's a positive ebb and flow...not the kind that comes from abandonment and chaos. People return, and they remember each other, and catch up on things, and it all good.

Can't wait to see Hillshade firsthand!