Saturday, September 04, 2010

A week of meals for $149

For those who are interested and keep nagging and berating asking me so kindly ... here is our week's worth of meals and how that looked in my grocery cart today. If I had to buy every single thing, it would certainly cost more. However, I tend to look at what I have bleeding over from the previous week, and choose some meals to get as much use out of that stuff as possible. What's that saying? "Take all you want, but eat what you take."


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (we have oats left over from last week and we'll top with nuts and stuff we have left over - I buy those things only as we run out)
Waffles (twice) with honey, berries, nuts, cinnamon, whatever
Cereal w/berries and whatever-else (twice - we have three leftover boxes from last week: corn flakes, wheat squares and Cheerios)
Delightful Banana (we don't put in nuts) Muffins
Green smoothies (bananas, strawberries, leftover cacao, spinach leaves, almond milk)


Veggie sandwiches with hummus (still have veggie slices left from last week)
Nachos twice (oven-baked tortilla chips, refried beans, homemade salsa and veggies shreds)
Bagel veggie sandwiches
Packed sandwiches for homeschool co-op day
And one day of hodge-podge leftovers where we eat up all leftover lunch stuff in the strangest concoctions possible - FUN!
We'll be eating out once for lunch - we almost always eat out for Sunday lunch ... it's our "thing"


Carrot and Red Pepper Soup - a triple recipe with some garlic toast (I have some leftover onions from last week)
Penne with cut-up veggie dogs and homemade spaghetti sauce
Thai Chickpea Curry with Thai Basil on whole grain rice (had some leftover rice and a can of chickpeas, so I found a way to use them)
Cheese tortellini with vodka sauce (an easy and not-as-healthy meal to treat us after our long day at co-op)
We'll have two nights of leftovers as we go along
We're eating out once for dinner, also this week, to celebrate the holiday (so, that's only TWO MEALS OUT - out of 21 meals)

My shopping list:

2 bunches of organic bananas
3 bags of organic carrots
bag of unsalted, not-roasted sunflower seeds
organic spinach (the BIG tub)
2 avocados
3 bell peppers
6 red peppers
2 packages of veggie shreds
1 package of veggie dogs
2 tubs of hummus (two different flavors - can make my own, but they had a little sale, so I was ON it!)

My own personal treat for the holiday weekend ...
1 bottle of organic Chardonay ($11 - Ms. Knighton would be proud)
2 kinds of cheeses

box of whole wheat pancake mix (making the waffles more convenient - will use milled flaxseed to replace the eggs)
local honey
plain almond milk
chocolate almond milk
2 loaves of whole wheat bread
2 packages of whole wheat bagels
1 package of corn tortillas
2 cans of vegetarian refried beans
2 cans coconut milk
red curry paste
2 jars of vodka sauce
4 large cans of crushed tomatoes
1 carton of vegetable broth
2 boxes of whole wheat penne pasta

frozen bag of stir fry veggies
large bag of frozen cheese tortellini
apple juice concentrate

(super cool cart photo by Dave Di Biase, used with permission


Hannah_Rae said...

Wow. I am surprised to see how similar our grocery lists are, except right now we aren't buying a lot of organic because up here it is so darn expensive.

What pancake mix do you use? Where do you find it?

I am definitely trying that carrot red pepper soup. It is going to be cooler this week, so soup would be good.

Way to help us newer mamas out! :)



Unknown said...

Hannah, I usually get Hodgson Mill Insta-Bake. It comes in a box similar to Bisquick.

Babsness said...

I love this idea and do very similar only rub
is that I'm gluten intolerant so if we do cereal/waffles/muffins and costs a whole lot more :(

I used to be a bit 'bitter' that my bread cost 7x as much as the family bread...then I realized i'm just grateful for a pb & homemade j every once in a while so I don't grumble AS much.

Unknown said...

Babs, I normally make my waffles from scratch. Here's a gluten alternative:

Here's a basic gluten free muffin mix you do yourself:

If you buy the "flours" that are safe for you, and store them well, you won't see a massive jump in the expense.

Plenty of gluten free cereals out there, and you can keep those back just for you. We have had to cook around food allergies in our home for seven years. So, we usually Do a smaller batch of something to keep it safe for our allergic gal.

When you do it that way, it's not terribly expensive, as it's smaller portions, etc.

Buy that gluten free bread! Save it just for you. Should last you a week, and that is absolutely cost effective, considering the circumstances.

When we do the tortellini, my youngest cannot have it (eggs). So, I will boil up a serving or two of whole wheat pasta and pour the vodka sauce over that. She'll still have something similar, AND she won't end up sick later.

Mijk said...

This post mades me realise how much food is aobut culture. Two loafs of bread for 5 people a week? I do one loaf a day..... My shopping list reads so differently. Ans somehow this mundane posts highlight the diuffereces so much more then any post on religion. Funny how that works

Unknown said...

Not so much culture. I USED to eat that much bread.

My shopping list used to have insanely less produce, many more boxes/bags and lots and lots and LOTS of frozen stuff.

Like ... lots.

And lots.

OH ... and don't forget the Little Debbie's!

Cathy said...

Okay, I have always wanted to cook thai food...that dish sounds delicious and like something my family would love. Plus, I have a can of coconut milk in the cupboard that I NEED to use! ;)

Jolene said...

I had tofu this weekend and I actually liked it! Might be willing to experiment with this! Oh and where on earth do I find tahini to make my own hummus? Where in the store is that usually found?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed a big change in your grocery budget since shifting to more gluten free? That is my biggest challenge!