Friday, September 17, 2010

What my children witnessed last night

Last night was a super special and sweet memory that will stay with me forever.

I also have come to the conclusion that most of what has been said to me in the last three days were lies, lies, lies.

You see, my husband and I have always tried to renew our vows every fifth year of our marriage. Year #5, he surprised me.

Before heading out on a date, he convinced me to come into the church to look at some stupid thing keeping us from getting to dinner really great decorations that had been put up for something or other. In the bride's room sat one of my favorite friends. She had picked up flowers and had made us a cake. Michael's best friend, Runks was there to perform the whole renewal shin-dig (side note: he was the best man at our wedding and performed the first half of our wedding ceremony). Our church pianist (and also MASSIVE source of encouragement for me during the days of postpartum depression) played the wedding march and took pictures.

On year #10, we planned a trip to Florida for a week, sans kids, in the same season as our anniversary. It was glorious. Somewhere around the time of our actual anniversary, there was a Sunday night service (at our church? we can't recall) where the pastor had every couple stand and renew their vows. I remember telling Michael, "Cool, that takes care of that." No fanfare. No surprises. But Florida was SUPER nice. So, it all seemed to even out, making it a "big" year.

We talked about what we were going to do this year. Something simple, maybe in the gazebo of the park. Nothing big, but definitely deliberate. And then my husband ... well, he was what he is. He pulled off a delightful surprise.

This is where all the lies, lies, lies come in. Knowing that we had two very special couples here in the park, he asked for their help. He knew that having them be a part of it would cause me to swoon, and that they absolutely "get me" - so they would make it something I would love.

And he was so right.

So, basically it was three days of sneaking around Christine. We all went to dinner last night, which I considered a wonderful treat for our special day. Poor Kevin had to bail out early with this really sad bold faced lie story of an upset client in India (totally covering the time difference, and me sitting there feeling so sad for poor little Kevin). Our check was taking FOREVER (dear people at "The Coffee Shop" in Luling, TX, I am sorry I doubted your service - thank you for being a part of my fun night). I did not notice Michael driving at a snail's pace on the way home. I. was. clueless.

Until we walked in the door.

They had put together this lovely little celebration and surprise renewal re-commitment recongeal ceremony. It was full of specific touches that would be special to Michael and me. The Tacky Texans, Kev and Ang threw their creative juices into the fun details. A flower covered, silk maypole-esque head crown, a bouquet and boutonniere with pictures of us shrinky dinked and incorporated, lovely tea lights and champagne and balloons, my very favorite raw chocolate avocado HEAVENLY pie, Technomadia right there with us via Skype on a laptop, champagne ... I know I'm forgetting something. But I did say "champagne" twice. Priorities.

Kevin officiated wearing a black velvet cape, reading with the assistance of his monocle and quoting NFL scores ... and Dwight Schrute.

It was so perfect.

And I screeched, "This was PERFECT" about 75 million times. And because they all love me, they just let me.

Yet, the greatest part of the entire experience was this: knowing my children were witness to it all. They watched the fruit of their father's glorious deception of their mother. They saw his face as he watched my smile-that-wouldn't-die. They experienced friends gifting their time and energy and efforts for a sweet surprise. They saw adults laughing and being silly and loving life and celebrating together.

While Michael and I get to hold last night as a part of our marriage capsule, and a part of the stories that will be retold throughout the years ... so will our children.

I am so proud to call these people my friends. I am so humbled to be a guide to these five young people who are learning to love and live in community. I am so honored to have Michael Moers as a husband.

AND ... there is chocolate pie in the fridge. SCORE!

(the view from Chris and Cherie's computer)

(my view of Chris and Cherie - they did not know I was taking it or they would have been smiling - smiled through the screen at cameras all night - SO CUTE!)

(shrinky dinky goodness)

(photos taken by myself, and also blatantly stolen from Technomadia's Facebook page)


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Who knew lies could be so sweet and romantic?!

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Congratulations! How awesome and sweet. Doubly so because your kids get to see their parents demonstrate a healthy loving committed relationship with each other.

a Tonggu Momma said...

That is just lovely.

schmelorama said...

I love you, Christine! I'm glad your hubby goes to such lengths to show his love. YOU SO DESERVE A MAN LIKE THAT!!! (can't wait to meet him and give him a big hug!) xo

marythemom said...

Wow!! Just Wow!!!

You are one lucky lady who gets what she deserves.

I am envious.

Mary in TX

Ericka said...

aaawwww. That IS perfect!
Congratulations to the beautifully happy couple :)

Cammie said...

So very cool. He is fabulous...and so are you. Congrats on 15!

Laynie said...

This is so amazing! So happy for you all!

Summer said...

That is so absolutely adorably cute!!

Shan said...

So wonderful...Go Michael!! I am most impressed by the shrinky dinks. I had not thought of these in ages. Taking a note to find these pronto.