Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the costumes were ...


The Tacky Texans. Oh my lands, I love these two. R was the Pied Piper tonight, and led eight children from house to house. The jury is still out on whether or not she had more fun than the kids.

Don't they look GREAT?!?

On to my posse. The wizard came together via a thrift store sheet, some poster board and a pair of gloves that R snagged at the Lucy in Disguise garage sale.

There is my kid's version of Dementor. He found the cape (a wee bit too small) at the thrift store and combined it with another old ninja costume he had. That's my boy!

The fairy came together beautifully. The skirt is actually a lingerie TOP I found at the thrift store. Just cut off the spaghetti straps, hemmed it over and added elastic. Shirt also from thrift store (Fill-a-Bag for $5, thank you very much!). The wings came from an old coat hanger and some 33 cent knee highs.

Our ballroom dancer in disguise simply wore a dress from her sister's dress-up bin (gifted to the girls by their aunt years ago at Christmas). Topped off with the awesome mask, a gift from the Tacky Texans. Long white gloves which were also snagged at the Lucy in Disguise garage sale, and my white fringy belt I crocheted years ago.

The fortune teller is a combination of said skirt I wore to BlogHer, a scarf gifted to me this past spring by Sara, one of my wraps, every single bead necklace she could possibly find, and a "crystal ball" borrowed from sweet R. Oh yeah, and her headband was one of my mother's old hair scarves. Ya' know ... to keep the beehive under control in the wind.

Last, but certainly not least, was the happy couple. Our costumes were formulated recently by the Tacky Texans and Technomadia (who blessed us with a week of their presence before heading farther east and even soon-to-be the island of St. John). I am Medusa. He looked at me and turned into ... a Rolling Stone.

How stinkin' cute is THAT? R was so kind to come over today and take my makeup to the limit. She also let me borrow her snake earrings. Cause she's cool like that and HAS SNAKE EARRINGS! My ensemble was concocted from a sheet I found at the - you guessed it - thrift store.

Let's also say what you're all thinking: my husband looks EXACTLY like a young Mick Jagger. Right?


Our community. Our people.


alicia said...

I am so sad we missed this. Promise me that we will dress up for no reason when I come?

J. said...

Looks like fun was had! When I first looked at the picture I could only see 4 kids and I spent a few moments trying to figure out what on earth you were talking about and then I realized the black outline was kid in dementor costume not shadow. Lol

chelle.white said...

Such awesome costumes

Kellie said...

OK.... I am SOOOO moving my family of 7 to Hillshade... I L.O.V.E. your family of 13! I miss the Tacky Texans and you and Summer!


Anonymous said...

You all look simply amazing!! What fun. So wish we could have stayed longer and played dress up with you all!!

Wild To Be Wreckage Forever said...

Looks like you had so much fun!The costumes look great!

Family of Movers said...

I love your community. You make me want to own a RV park just so I can play with the people. Or, I can just come hang out at yours. I am hoping that we can come visit after Christmas! I really want to! Love your snake earings!

Christine said...

I hope you can make it down!! That would be SO FUN!

jendoop said...


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how I love it all, especially your costume. Because you KNOW I have a soft spot for Medusa this year. The Tongginator didn't have green skin (because her skin allergies make that impossible), nor did she have the dreads, of course, but you should check out my photo of her hair - I added florist wire to her braids to make them stick up. They! looked! awesome! (if I do say so myself. And I do.)