Monday, October 25, 2010

Same time next year

If you find a sisterhood, you should hold onto it. Invite them to sleep on your floor, if necessary. If they love you, they will come.

(note: do NOT, however, under ANY circumstances, tell them that your son found a scorpion in his room the night before they arrived - wait until after they are gone to let that cat out of the bag)

As any good hill country Texan worth their weight, I made sure our very first stop was at Hey Cupcake. Straight. from. the. airport.

Toy Joy has an actual "fake it til you make it" mask. Who knew? Trauma parents everywhere, gotta' get you one of those!

Ms. Fakey Smile above brought her dad along for the road trip. He was a jewel to tolerate being around us off and on. That is a lot of estrogen for one man to stomach. He is a hoot who adores his daughter. I could have watched him watch her all weekend ... when I wasn't mocking him relentlessly. He can take it as well as he can dish it.

Oh yeah. And he deals poker. I have never played poker. He did not get frustrated with me. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not one tiny bit. *cough*

The Tacky Texans popped down to adore everyone with some henna. They were spreading the tacky love.

Kellie had her very first green smoothie. She ended the evening by baking a crazy rich concoction which includes turning a pie upside down in a cake pan, pouring cake batter all over it, and baking the whole friggin' thing! She had a bit happier face with the pie/cake thing, than with the green smoothie.

I did a lot of this.

Not a TON of this ... but a little.


familygregg said...

That mask is hysterical.

Anonymous said...

128 days till I smooch every last one of you!! xoxo

Tenntrace said...

those henna tattoes are awesome!

CORoots said...

I am 100% definitely going to make a mask like that!!!

Unknown said...

Sooooo need the mask!

LOVE the tats!


Kellie said...

I can't believe I missed out tattoos! I am however glad that you did not mention the scorpion thing..... and seriously, consider adding ice cream to the green smoothie.... ;)

Brenda said...

Your smoothy matches your walls.