Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gluten free Thanksgiving, dang it!

My husband is a champ. He was thrilled to discover that gluten was his nemesis for 40 years. We found the culprit and we whacked its ornery little head right off. Wha-ha-ha-haaaa!

Of course, that left him in a world where pretzels were no longer his friend. Small town bakeries were the devil. IHOP pancakes mocked him across the table. The occasional Tex Mex place sneaks in some wheat with that corn, and he pays. We are an hour from a world of options - meaning he is constantly surrounded by no-no's. It has not been easy. There is a grieving process.

But by golly, there are also ways around it, and I'm a stubborn fart.

You see, my husband does not have a major sweet tooth, but there is one dessert that is very near and dear to his heart: pie.

His mom is known for whipping up an apple and cherry pie at all major family gatherings. They are her "thing." And him staying up late to eat every last crumb is his "thing." This always occurs over the holidays. He looks forward to it. Starts salivating days before. And while this year we will not actually be in her kitchen, late at night, eating straight out of the pie pan by the light of the lamp before his dad knows we didn't leave him any ...

I shall make pies.

I shall make pies that will be delicious and will not leave him reeling the next day. I shall honor all of the changes he has had to make without so much as a hint of whining or complaining. I shall put a smile upon that sweet face, and the only misery he will experience will be bloating from overeating.

And my heart will explode when I hear that fork hitting the bottom of the pan late tomorrow night.

(photo snapped several hours after writing this post - my friend, B, of the Tacky Texans did this with our leftover GF pie crust ... I love how he was equally excited to do all of this for my husband)


Anonymous said...

I'm a university student in scotland, whipping up a gluten free thanksgiving for my coeliac sister (visiting from home in nj, and 50 of our closest friends (that's just how i roll)
She brought a few boxes of a pie crust mix made by Gluten Free Pantry, and we've had great success - now i just have to keep her from eating the things between now and tomorrow night!
the only other big challenge seems to be the gravy, but i've heard you can substitute rice flour without any problem.
Best of luck!

alicia said...

I want to come and eat pies with Michael.

You are a wonderful wife and he's blessed that you are helping to make him feel less isolated in this season.

Kristin said...

:) I read your post this morning, and then I saw this at the Whole Foods blog:

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving,

2busyannie said...

I was excited this year to find gf chocolate cookies for our grasshopper pie crust and I'm trying out gf gingersnaps for the pumpkin pie crust. I haven't eaten pie in 3 years. Too tired to try to make roll out pie crust. You are a lovely person to do this for him.

peggysue said...

I've been watching your videos and yay, I finally found your blog. We just moved to a different house and that combined with the holidays {it just happened this way, we didn't plan it to all coincide} is making my RADish drive me crazy!!!! I wanted to say that I have celiac and you can make the world's tastiest, flakiest pie crust with gluten free flours and the BEST THING about it is that if you have trouble rolling out the dough, like I do, with GF flours, you can roll it out as many times as you like and since there isn't any gluten in there, your pie crust will not get yucky and stiff like with normal flour, it will remain flaky!!! Have a good itme with it.

Meredith said...

You might try the blog Tartlette for some delightful GF recipes. She used to have a regular baking blog, but for some reason changed over to all GF in the last year. Everything I've made from her site is delicious, and even though I'm not GF, I still love all her stuff!

Yvette Francino said...

I like to "look for love in unusual places" and have a collection of photos that say "Love" or "I love you."

Can I save this one? And with your permission post it on my blog, giving you a link back?

Also, you may want to come participate in my game I'm hosting in December! I'm looking for bloggers to submit their favorite "love" blog posts for the year, hoping to create a collaborative eBook, full of love! This post would be a good entry!

Yvette Francino said...

Oh, I guess I should have given you a link to my blog!

Hope to see you there!