Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Dreadiversary!

Dearest Dreadies,

You are one year old this week. It was years of expectancy before I finally felt like I could birth you ... all 60+ of you. While it took a full week for all of you to finally meet the world, it was worth the labor.

To think of how you have changed each and ever day makes me swoon. You each have your own personality. Some of you are shy and stay hidden. Others are loud and constantly unruly. I am amazed at how your relationships change and evolve as you do. How some of you snuggle up so tightly that I have to literally rip you apart just to be able to give you a bath. How some of you gained your independence early and were never as cuddly as the others.

We have proven that growth charts mean nothing. We have anywhere from the 20th percentile up to the 98th. Yet you are all healthy and beautiful and perfect.

You are one year old! I love you more and more every day, exactly the way you are, and I'm so very proud and happy to call you my hair!



Steph wrote a sweet tribute to these darlin's.

And a HUGE, PHAT pimpage to Kathleen (at Attachment and Integration Methods) who sent my dreads an AWESOME birthday wish and ... *drum roll* ...

Yup - she diagrammed the sentence! Found a way to get it to me digitally, so I (of course) took the extra time to download the necessary program to read it and then take a screen shot and THEN transfer it from .gif to .jpg so YOU COULD ALL SEE IT!

Bow to the Master, my friends. Bow to the Master.


Kathleen said...

Thanks and happy birthday again to the dreads.

so... you gonna post the actual correct diagram??? Cuz I know mine ain't all correct!!


J. said...

I had plans to amsue you and your dreads but the need to be a mom yesterday won over, sad but true, if I can get to on the weekend I will send it along. Happy birthday dreads!

Mama Goose said...

I love your hair!

Natasha Vincent, Crazy about personal care! said...

Just found your blog via Keep Me Curly! Happy dreadiversary. Here's to many more. Err, dreads and dreadiversaries both!

Jenny said...

awesome dreads! i want some!! xD