Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

"This woman is in her car on a hot day alone. To feed her child privately and out of the community sight. She is inherently in danger and she knows it. Which also puts a strain on her choice to continue breastfeeding her child with such pressures."

(photo by Rachel Valley - click on her name to join the conversation)


Brandy said...

I usually don't have anything ever negative about these photos.


Is this an opinion piece photo? Is it a statement photo?

I go to my car at the park if there's no shade and for privacy.

You know what? I turn the ac on and enjoy.

Privacy for my babe to eat in all his glory- he doesn't do covers. And I'm a woman who doesn't want half my back viewable or my side or my large breast seen by all as he gets distracted and looks around at hearing voices.

The caption says privacy and to stay out of view.. Two very different things in eyes.

I could easily be taking this the wrong way but something bugs me about the posed state, her face and the caption.

Christine said...

Brandy, I have updated Rachel's link, so you can find her cause on Facebook.

Summer said...

I've used the car too when there was no shade at the park, or just to escape the over crowded store. But there is such a difference between choosing to go to the car, and having no choice but to hide away. :)