Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Simplify to survive

Over the last two decades of my life, I have watched things change around me as we have made changes in our home. Sure, there are always other factors involved, but I still can't deny it. When we go backward, so do these other things. It is painfully obvious now.

It is worth it to simplify.

There is a direct correlation between my family's emotional health and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between the depth of relationships we are able to build with others and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between the connection I have with my husband and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between my therapeutic parenting and my kids' healing and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between our physical health and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between our overall happiness and the pace of our life.

There is a direct correlation between how we can truly be available to friends and family and the pace of our life.

Simplifying is also a constant battle. Want to know what it's like to truly be an alien in this world - in your community?


It is one battle, though, that I now pick and stick with until I win every. single. time.

I double dog dare you to say a very polite "no" to some unnecessary expectation or commitment this month and next. I then triple dog dare you to enjoy it.

(photo by Jan Flaska, used with permission)


Erika said...

Love it. I'm taking what looks like a 2 week break from swim team and the coach is acting like we've committed a sin. I don't care. It's for our sanity. Thank you!

Laura said...

Meeting today with someone to let them know I'll no longer be able to continue a commitment I've had for the past year.

S-l-0-w-l-y but surely purging our house of a lot of junk.

Saying no to some of the things we've 'always' done because that's not a reason to keep doing those things.

LONGING for much more simplicity!

The Lundy 5 said...

Alien! Exactly how I feel, and don't mind so much. Our pace is so slow and feels good. We're visiting back home and the stress is tangible, ick!

jendoop said...

Amen, sing it sista! My kids have very few activities outside our home, cub scouts and once a week church activity. We relish nights that nothing is happening, it is when we most feel like a family.

My upcoming challenge with simplicity is Christmas. Every year I hope to give only 3 gifts to my children but I get carried away. This year I will stick to 3 gifts, if I buy more I'll give them away. This is a hard thing to do in our consumer culture.

Sara said...

Preach it. :) This is something I fight against every day...even having a supposedly slower pace on the road. It takes a lot of time to re-program yourself to not feel guilty if you're not going going going all.the.time. When you work from home and home is work, those blurred boundaries make it difficult to "turn off". Thanks for the great reminder friend. xxoo

Sarah said...

Wow. You really are crazy.

familygregg said...

I love this post.

Lena Just Lena said...

Love it. Longing for it. Trying to do it. Thanks.

Quacken said...

Honestly, I couldn't agree more! My girls both have major anxiety, and although medication does help them tremendously, anything outside of our routine can throw a wrench into the best day!

So when someone asks if we can help w/ this, do that, join this... I simply reply with, "right now we are keeping our world small so my girls can heal and have predictability and stability". That is the BEST excuse (true reason) EVER! :)

Renee said...

Well, son of a gun. That's just the nudge I needed to say no to a certain activity. Thanks!

Personal Finance Mama said...

Often I think about simplifying stuff not my time. good brain thought.

Kim said...

As a family with a past in full-time ministry, I've become almost fierce in my determination to NOT be "essential" to a church or civic organization, ever again. Do I love the church, the charities, the good work they do? Yes. Am I therefore obligated to drive my family frazzled by stealing the time and energy I have for them and pouring it into those projects? Oh, hell NO. Sorry, someone else is gonna have to make it happen. Maybe in the next phase of life I'll get back in the saddle... but not now.