Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some things were meant for harmony

I'm a music nerd.

No, not a musician. Although, some would argue that I am.

I am a music nerd.

I was the kid that made first chair in band ... every single time. I went to bed early in preparation for chair tests ... ya' know, while my friends were hanging out at the Sonic.


I was the kid whose mother sang harmony with every 80's song on the radio, and thus I did the same. FYI: Bon Jovi had some rockin' alto lines.

Nerd from the loins of the nerd.

My parents sang and played instruments. The kids sang and played instruments.

I taught myself to play guitar a few years ago. I love it. I'm pretty sure I suck, because ... well, I'm guessing my "form" or something is really jacked up, seeing how everything I know I learned on YouTube. But I love it, none the less.

Except for one thing. That friggin' harmony. There is nothing, nothing, nothing in the world like having someone beside you singing a little harmony. If they are singing it along to some old, totally cheese ball song - even better.

So, despite my husband's love for music, he would much rather watch the Vikings or Baylor get their patooties kicked in football, than come in and sing along with me while I pluck out "More Than Words," "Killing Me Softly," or anything by the Beatles. Yeah. What's his deal?


My friend, R, comes over and we sew. Sometimes. We make stuff. Sometimes. We talk and drink coffee. Sometimes. But we always do something, and whatever it is - it's more fun doing it with someone else.


There's nothing like those harmonies in life, but dang do I love the good old fashioned singin' kind.

So, if any of you ever want to come crawl into bed with me and sing along one night, please do. I'm currently craving a first and second soprano who are up for some really tight three-part harmony on "Shaboom, Shaboom."

*side note: you must be able to pop your mouth at the end - otherwise ... what's the point?*

(photo by alfonso diaz, used with permission)


Tara - SanitySrchr said...

I'm a first soprano vocally, but also clarinet player (all harmony). I am that nerd too!

Babsness said...

ha! I JUST had this convo with my hub last night while we gnoshed tacos at tijuana flats. I grew up with deaf parents so could sing at the top of my lungs when I was little to hone my skill. I was a worship leader for years and he played the drums...myself and 2 other girls in the band had the most intricate, gorgeous and haunting 3 part harmonies and I miss that SO much...there's NOTHING else like it.
My 12 year old has learned to hold her own part and we give each otehr goosebumps singing along in the car but sigh...we don't do that often enough. My mintues are free after me we'll sing into the wee range goes from tenor to 1st sop :)!

Amy C. said...

LOVE IT!! I also sing harmony to every song on the radio. Can't help it. And "More than Words" by Xtreme is one of my FAVORITES to belt out! Probably because the harmony is already in there for me to sing to. "Da da da da de da da da da da...more than words..."

Brenda said...

Well you beat me girlie. I am just a nerd without the music.

Nobody said...

Only if you know some John Denver...all the verses, and wail on the bridge...then I'll sing with you.

Kim said...

I would soooo love to sing some harmony - and am a second soprano!

MommytoAJ4 said...

I remember singing harmony with you :) to the tune of Kokomo . . .

Koinania, youth choir, starts a holy fire, and LIFE, the ski trip, ski it to believe it, on Sundays and Wednesdays, Toby makes them fun days . . . .LOL

Man, I miss harmony too. Alot.

Unknown said...

YES, YES, YES! I miss those days. We would just sing and rewrite stuff and then sing some more. :)

Thanks for the recap of that song. Hysterical.

ohchicken said...

oh my friend, it's on. more than words...damn. i've now got it in my head for the first time in 15ish years. wow.

as for chairs, this is where we wholly differ. i choked at every district chorus competition, because i couldn't sight read. i faked it till chair auditions. and then i developed a mysterious laryngitis kept me from even trying. oh perfectionism. oh self sabotage. eesh.

thus endeth my self-therapy comment.

see you soon?


Unknown said...

Oh man! You don't know me, b/c I hardly ever comment...but this really struck a chord with me... ok, pun totally intended! I am a music nerd too and miss the tight harmony I can sing with my family and did in high school and college...ohhhhhh! I would totally sing with you if I lived anywhere remotely close to you. Alas, I live in Northern Alberta. Sigh! Now I want it too. Thanks!