Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Detoxing from the holidays

Don't think what you put in your mouth affects anything but your waistline?

I have often wondered about the correlation between what everyone is eating and the increase in anxiety, bickering, depression and other issues throughout every holiday season. I'm no expert, but I have watched the vast difference in myself and my family when we make choices that are better for our bodies.

We splurge. Don't get me wrong. WE SPLURGE! Christmas Eve was not without tamales and Velveeta dip and Grandma's cider and punch and desserts and more desserts and MORE DESSERTS. It was fun, and we will do it again the next time.

But it was for a day. Then we returned to some more healthy and positive habits. Even in keeping the splurging under control, there are residual effects with our moods and sleep and basic lethargic existences. I am particularly amazed at how my kids are affected by their dietary intake.

It's that time of year when everyone is thinking about change and resolutions and new beginnings. I think diet is the very hardest change in life. You can't not think about it. You can't avoid it. Our way of life makes it extremely difficult physically and socially. The positive effects tend to be more gradual - no immediate gratification. I still see more improvements after years of slowly moving in the right direction. Yet, I'll keep cheering for it and encouraging each of you to move away from the norm. Here are a few things to get you motivated:

"Scientific research shows that health benefits increase as the amount of food from animal sources in the diet decreases, so vegan diets are the healthiest overall." From Vegetarian Foods: Powerful for Health.

Check out the Power Plate from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

"Pediatrician Lendon H. Smith, M.D., nationally famous as "The Children's Doctor," was very plain in stating that sugar causes profound mood disorders." From Doctor Yourself.

I highly recommend the documentary "Food Matters." Highly. Like ... HIGHLY. You can watch it online (my affiliate link is over to the right). Or stick it in your Netflix queue. Here is the trailer:

And this trailer makes me super excited about the fact that "Forks Over Knives" will be out in MARCH! Whoop! (there is a January screening in Austin - I am keeping my eyes peeled for more info)


Anonymous said...


Trauma Mama said...

I agree! Everyone's moods stink when they have too much sweets and unhealthy food.
I am ready to detox so I'll stop craving sugar.

CORoots said...

You're so right and I've been stuck in a sugar fix for months. That's my one killer. I eat pretty healthfully otherwise, but sugar. Is. My. Vice.

Hannah_Rae said...

I've made a few batches of cookies, but we have otherwise kept to our normal, fairly healthful diet...until the relatives showed up...with cake, and doughnuts, and danish, and....



They will only be here one more day, and then the whole grains will rule again. :)



Jolene said...

While my husband may never be able to strip his meat eating urges we have significantly lowered our meat intake. I am dairy-free due to allergies (Oh so that's what been wrong with me all these years!) and gluten free also for the same reason.

We eat very Mediterranean/Asian. (check out the book MediterAsian on Amazon! Wonderful resource). If we can't be 100% vegan/vegetarian we can at least eat the healthiest we can.

My kids use chop sticks for every meal they can!

Meli said...

SO super excited about "Forks Over Knives", too!!

Aimee said...

Food Matters is such an amazing movie. It's on instant download on netflix now, but we bought a copy anyway, to show our parents who don't have netflix.

Excited to hear about "forks over knives".

Cathy Givans said...

I sooooo agree with the mood, the sluggishness...ugh! Food has sucked around here for months. So wanting to make the change and transition back to the way we were eating but so. friggin. hard. Not to mention, we now have a dedicated meat eater in our home. Keep thinking I will just do vegan recipes for one...but I want the whole family to be healthier. Of course, I am the only one with an everexpanding waist line. Guess I should get to doing something at least. :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

several months back, we cut the high fructose corn syrup. which essentially means we slashed our pantry stock in half. that stuff is in EVERYTHING! i'll tell you what though... i've seen a difference in my difficult child's behavior. also, a friend recently recommended "Food Rules" as a good read. have you read it?

Brenda said...

Do you have any favorite healthy cookbooks?

Christine said...

Brenda, I try to keep less paper in the house. I only have two actual cookbooks (the original Betty Crocker and a classic Better Homes & Gardens). Everything else I bookmark online, or I have a small recipe card box for things I have written down or figured out on my own.

Click on the link at the end of the post "stop cooking crap" - ha! And you can find some of my recipes as well as links to recipe blogs. Also, my topics cloud on the right has "vegan-ish" and "gluten free" links I have blogged on.

Brenda said...

Thanks Cutie Patootie.

Mandy said...

Love this! I swear I feel like I've got our two foster sons in detox or something. They came from a home that reportedly had NO food in it.. but the baby apparently ate "a lot of dog food" (from his 6yr old brother's words) and there must have been no shortage of coke, sweet tea, and coffee. Good grief!