Sunday, December 12, 2010

If my child was strong enough to say it

I know many of you find this song to be reflective of your faith.

It has changed for me in recent years. Every time I hear it now, I hear my child singing it. It really smacked me in the face one day ... people cry out to their God, their Savior, their Higher Power (whatever that may be) and write songs about how - no matter what we do or how many times we do it - forgiveness and acceptance and love is always available to us.

And we are supposed to reflect that to those in our lives.

Um, yeah. Frick. It has changed for me. And below the video I will write how I hear it lyrically, now (apologies to Josh Bates).

Time after time, you've been left behind
Like the sun when it's starting to rain
Time after time, you've been forgotten
Like a picture that's faded with age
Time after time, you ran after me
When I was still running away

Please never give up on me. Oh, never give up on me
When I'm weak, please be strong. Tell me I still belong
Never ... never give up on me

Time after time, I've used your grace
To fight off the fear I perceive
I'm too scared to thank you for all that you've done
Showing me what I can be
Please keep holding out your hands
As long as it takes for me

Please never give up on me. Oh, never give up on me
When I'm weak, please be strong. Tell me I still belong
Never ... never give up on me

I need you to erase all my mistakes
And lift me up when I am down
I pray, through my stages, your love never changes
Keep welcoming me just as I am

Please never give up on me. Oh, never give up on me
When I'm weak, please be strong. Tell me I still belong
Never ... never give up on me.


Diana said...

Absolutely beautiful and spot on! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

I find music to be powerful. I like to play this type of song on my laptop in the kitchen when my children are around. I played one the other day and told Taz, "I love this song". He said "I wasn't listening." Which means, "It got to me too." There is no way he couldn't hear it. He was a few feet away.

Kathleen said...

Love it. :-)

Kerrie said...

Crap. You have to go and put up something like that when I'm really enjoying being unforgiving. You stink.

Anonymous said...

Uncanny. I was just sharing with the hubs that this is what I felt challenged to do this very morning. When my child disrupts, destroys or defecates on the floor, or rubs ranch dressin in his hair, or tosses his dirty sock on my dinner plate, or... well, you know... I need to remember that he needs grace and forgiveness again and again and again. Like I do. I prayed that I will be able to love as I've been loved. And now, before I turn in for the night, I'm reminded again that this is what I'm called to do.

Thank you.

coffeemom said...

Yup. And that's how it's supposed to work. We are supposed to model that kind of love to our kids....we are 'the domestic church" if you will.

But even if you won't....and faith isn't your thing...this song sums it up for our hurt kids. It's hard to do sometimes tho...again and again and again. But that's what we do and will...not quit. I'd say that we moms of hurt kids, adoptive moms perhaps especially (oh don't flame me now anyone, this is all about me me me, nothing personal)...have that personality trait of bull terrier: never give up. Not for real anyhow (maybe just for a date night w/ a martini...).....

thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks. I came across this article that looks at RAD from a neurological standpoint, and thought it might interest you and your readers:

I don't have children, but I love them, and I think you sound amazing. Thank you for all you do.

Denise FB said...

I just want to thank you for your blog. I don't parent a RAD child, but I've learned a lot about how to parent unconditionally from reading here.
This blog has also helped me spiritually....the metaphor as myself (and maybe humanity?) as experiencing attachment disorder from God has been useful for me. When I face doubts about my faith and the God I want to serve - the idea that maybe it is because I am not able to understand the love, maybe I'm running from it when I'm convincing myself I'm running to it...well it gives me food for thought and heart.
So Merry New Year to you and thanks again.