Saturday, December 04, 2010

That quote would make an awesome t-shirt

Just a few things that caught my eye recently. Mostly religious, because ... well, if you weren't aware *insert dark, scary music here* ... the war on Christmas has already begun. dun-dun-DUUUUUUUN! So, it seems to be in the air.

*Sorry - to be more factual, the American Family Association declared said war had been launched sometime in October. Something about gay employees of the Home Depot not being allowed to wear really tacky Christmas sweaters. Or Chase Bank holiday widow clings having a backwards-masked message in the sunlight that reads, "Jews rock!", or something like that.*

Okay, so on with the show. This is some really great stuff:

"Is a physical symbol of our religious beliefs sticking in our yard really making a stand? Or is it exclusionary? ... Are they free out of this Baptist carpenter's goodness, or so that no one has an excuse to not get one of their own?"

- from "Crossways" by Big Salad.

"If an adoptee comes across as angry to you—rather than ignore and dismiss that adoptee as an exception, why not try to understand that adoptee? It might be good practice and preparation for handling future issues with your own child."

- from "Your child may grow up to be a lot like me (and that’s not such an awful thing)" by Melissa at Grown In My Heart

"But nice Jesus Zombies wouldn’t eat brains, they would eat fruit."

- from "Jesus was a Zombie" by the Queen of Spain

"Again, no monopoly has ever been reformed by its current customers (or even trustees or other big donors, by the way). Monopolies only change if potential customers flock elsewhere. This is not because people in a monopoly are bad people - but they do suffer from a lack of imagination."

- from "If you send your children to school, you are inhibiting schools reform" by Unschooling Rules.

"Not one single, solitary soul will be attracted to Jesus because of your water fall."

- from "'Wonderful' First Baptist Dallas Computerized Fountain: An 'Architectural Invitation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ'?" by FBC Jax Watchdog.


Robin said...

The "war" on Christmas always makes we want to sing, "And they'll know we are Christians by our Christmas trees." really, really loud. But I am afraid the point would be missed by most.

Parkerchica said...

Okay, so KCBI had a big call-in discussion during the morning commute this week all about how an atheist group had purchased signage that was being posted on Ft. Worth city buses. Their big idea was to form groups of people who would ride those buses and sing Christmas carols. "Away in a Manger" as ammunition. WWJD? Evidently, he would irritate people on a public bus.

Ericka said...
Christine, have you seen this?
I read some of the comments like a big dork!!!