Monday, January 10, 2011

Logic puzzles

I love logic puzzles.

I hate them a little bit, too, but mostly I love them.

They give you a story with funny or odd details. You then decipher the logical order or pattern of the elements of the story. They give you clues, like "Sally (who is not the person with the blue hat with a dead bird on top) is sitting to the right of the man with the pockmark in the shape of Julia Caesar."

You get to enjoy the story, but also have to use logical deductions to solve the puzzle.


Except when you are working through your graph and you hit a point when you are dang sure you have sucked every solitary possible piece of information from the clues. You get frustrated. You are tempted to look at the solution. You are pretty sure the person who created that particular puzzle left out one slice of pertinent information as a sick joke.

And then, there it is. You see the thing you missed. You realize that you had to combine clues or read more carefully or just open your eyes because it was painfully obvious. You were just making it harder than it had to be.

Yeah. I never do that (she says with drippy sarcasm). Make things harder than they have to be. Skip over the truth and keep believing that something is impossible or that there's no solution because you SWEAR you have looked at it from every angle. And it NEVER (still with the sarcasm) happens with my therapeutic parenting. Nope. Never.

Today the kids and I did logic puzzles. I watched them go through this same process in their own ways. Interesting. Very telling. Also felt a glaring spotlight on my own tendencies to do this. That's why we do these logic puzzle things, after all. To teach us to be better problem solvers.

Just thinking out loud today. And FYI - Mario was the first guy in line, his favorite animal is a giraffe and at the party he received a balloon with hearts on it.


Talitha said...

I love logic puzzles too but I haven't seen them in years. Where do you get yours from?

I actually had one logic puzzle that I never did solve (not sure where the solution was). It was something about racehorses, jockeys, owners, and placement in the race. I carried that thing around with me for YEARS hoping to figure out the solution. I even made a new graph so I could start over. Eventually, I lost it in one of my many moves. (Is it odd that this still bothers me even though I was a teenager at the time and I'm now 34? Someone needs lessons in letting go, eh?)

Anonymous said...

So true! I get frustrated, and then think there is glitch, and get mad, and blame myself, and feel not good enough.... just like I respond to so many other things in life. What a window.

T Lee said...

Omg, I loove those, but I have so much trouble finding them... And I am eternally missing one liiitttlleee piece of information- so I just guess. And never correctly. They are very telling, aren't they, haha.

The Hills said...

I LOVE logic puzzles!! I had the same math teacher from 3 through 5 grade and she always gave them out as extra credit. I bought myself a whole book of them (in a convenient little pocket book I can throw in my diaper bag) at barnes and noble a little while back and I do them whenever I'm waiting somewhere now.

Okay, just a note from a friendly neighborhood lurker. What does it say about me that I literally jumped up and smiled when I saw a logic puzzle pic on your post?

Christine said...

The Hills, it says you're a big dork! ha!

And I LOOOOOOOVE dorks, cause I are one.

Marcy said...

I have never even heard of these things called Logic Puzzles. It sounds like it would hurt my brain...but then again, they say that they are good to stave off dementia. Soooo, where can I find one 'cause I need to do some staving off.

Christine said...

Just updated the post with a link in the first sentence.

The Hills said...

HA!!!!!!! Wanna know my response when my husband proposed....I *laughed* and said "You're a big dork!" I followed up with "I always wanted a big dork of my own!" Maybe we'll make it by the RV park one day, we're from Texas, planning to move back and you're on the way to several friends and family members ;-)

BT said...

I LOVE logic puzzles, and I've got boys who do too -- so lucky!

Our kids do books of what are called Perplexors. They are the same kind of thing with stories and clues. P does at least three a day. He often makes logical connections three times faster than I do!

Someone gave us a wooden sudoku set for Christmas. It is my first experience with sudoku, and I am finding it quite the logical exercise as well. Very fun.

coffeemom said...

I have LOVED logic puzzles since I was a kid! Hard to find and despite having a few kids who are rigidly logical, maddeningly so at times...they never caught that bug for them. Aw. But I have the same problem you do, I get stuck....erk.

Maybe that's a reflection of me in real life too?? No, never, not me!.....