Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Magical Milk Pic-o-the-Week

"Here is a picture of Alicia and I nursing our babies. Hannah Elizabeth is 6 weeks old in this picture and Jonathan is almost 8 months. 10 years in the making and my sister and I get to both nurse babies together!"

(photo by Christy - she and her sister are friends from college)


Jess said...

Here's the thing, I don't want to be all "stalker-y" or anything but last night I had a dream in which you and your family made a cameo. Now, I read your blog (obviously) but I don't make a habit of dreaming about people whose blogs I read. Anyway, I wake up at about 5:30am with this strong impression that I need to pray for you guys. I just thought you should know that God thinks you are awesome enough to send an angel to Australia to stand by my bed and wake me up at 5:30am to pray for you. In fact, I get the impression that He thinks you are even more awesome than that.

Christine said...

Thanks, Jess. Not stalker-y. Very, very kind. :)