Monday, January 31, 2011


I have a very not happy 7-year-old this morning. I asked her to help with something. She was not thrilled. Did not know I was still standing right there and began mumbling under her breath. I don't know what was said but it was not pretty! Could tell by the inflection and facial expression.

"Wow. I'm guessing that wasn't very nice."

"What? I just said ... viva."



"Um, that's not even a word."

"Yes it IS! VIVA LAS VEGAS! That's what I said!!"

At which point I left as quickly as I could before she saw me laughing.

When it becomes the hot, new curse word, remember who gets credit.


(photo by Bob Townsend, used with permission)


Brenda said...

Bwahahahahahahhaha! I'm so using that word.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. i'm totally crackin up. gonna keep that one in my back pocket fo'sho'.

p.s. see how i didn't cuss.

Laura Ingram said...

oh I LOVE that girl!! what a viva! haha

:)De said...

so...any guesses as to what she really said? When my oldest was 3 he tried to cuss but was very speech delayed and said instead, "mudder rudder". It is one of the acceptable swear words that can be used still today.


Ericka said...

Out crazy the crazy - love it!

rachael said...

My duaghter is very big into "Oh, noodles!" and "Oh, donuts!" right now. Maybe they'll join "viva" as the hot new way to curse!