Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wouldn't you like to be a tapper, too?

I have some friends who encourage me by saying, "Are you still keeping up with your running?"

Some say, "Have you created anything this week?"

Another may throw out a, "How are those food choices going?"

My friend, Lisa, always asks me, "Are you guys tapping?" Or gives me a, "Don't forget to tap!" It always comes at a great time. Typically it is when one of my kids has had a rough week, which means I have had a rough week. And we all need it.

Tapping is a thing called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). There are plenty of people who roll their eyes at it and see it as some sort of creepy new age thing. Those are people who have never used it. :) Because honestly, it is just a basic way to use pressure points on your body to change up your energy and refocus you on truth. It is relaxing in a different way - not like a massage way, but a wake-up-your-brain kind of way.

In laymen's terms, you tap on pressure points in your body, stating things that you have chosen to focus on. We have used it with our kids from trauma, but I use it for myself all the time. It requires no tools, no meds, no space and very little time. While you are tapping, you say phrases that specify the emotional issue you are dealing with.

Typically, with each new area of tapping, you use a statement like, "Even though (state the negative event or feeling), I fully and deeply accept myself." There are also endless ways to vary this. A few examples are Affirming Phrases for the EFT Set-Up and my favorite: the 36 Best Ever EFT Tapping Affirmations.

Obviously, you can see how this can extremely effective for kids who have deep shame and live in a constant state of self-sabotage. But it works for you, too. I will leave you with a few videos, and encourage you to just try it. There is a reason we already go straight for some of these pressure points when we have a headache or we are stressed. We have already discovered that they bring us some relief. This is just more deliberate.

I'm a big fan, can you tell?

I like this intro video. As you will soon discover, apparently all tapping experts speak with an accent.

This is a basic short-cut method if you are just starting, or need to do some quick tapping on the go.

Then Rod Sherwin also has his full EFT recipe, which is almost exactly what I have found the most helpful (big surprise, I like to mix things up!).

Now, repeat after me, "Even though I think Christine is a complete freak and weirdo, I will try this EFT thing anyway."

(photo by Irum Shahid, used with permission)


Unknown said...

Wow - I like this! Except right now I can't do it. My face is swelling from my car accident. My thyroid removal surgery scar is still very sensitive. My whole body is sore from that car accident yesterday. Darn. I could use this right now!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love EFT, but never thought to use it on my kids...a big ol' duh for me.

the wrath of khandrea said...

never heard of it, but plan on trying it. so if you see multiple return hits from me on this post, i'm not stalking... i promise. just repeat after me, "even though i think andrea is probably a 57 year old male pervert stalking me, i will not freak out at all her frequent visits to this post on my blog."

Unknown said...

We have done it and then forget about it. So thank you for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

HEY! @wholetthishappen!!! what the heck are you doing over here? huggie huggie...aren't we texans cool and now you really need to move.

wave wave.

C--i will see about this, will check out later today.

Jen said...

dont' have time to watch the videos now - will come back to it, though. Any relationship between this and EMDR? I had good results with my own stuff with EMDR....

Unknown said...

Jenn, I have yet to see a side-by-side analysis, but I know there are similarities on how it wakes up the brain.

Anonymous said...

Ya, apparently Texan has all the cool kids...I see a road trip in my future. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah! I'm using tapping to tackle a pretty severe snake phobia...pretty remarkable stuff, thanks for giving me some more resources to look into!

kristen said...

How is Lisa? I keep hoping she and J are doing ok, and that K is safe and making good progress in her spot. Are you able to supply any news?

Unknown said...

Kristen, I talked to her today! Don't have specific updates, but life is moving along for them.

As always, she was an encouragement to ME! :)

Trauma Mama said...

Wow, cool stuff! Thanks for posting it!

Kathleen said...

I like tapping too and am trying to convince the fam to use it as well.

However, if you buy into EFT... you really need to check this out:

Two hours with our local practitioner and our RAD, ODD, PTSD, etc., teenage son is no longer ODD. Best $200 I've EVER spent on therapy. And closest thing to a miracle *I've* ever seen. We've had some great results with other kids ourselves, too.

Check out some of the testimonials posted on my site, all lifted with permission from NEUROnetwork on yahoogroups. There are even more testimonials, and lots more details, there.

Kathleen Benckendorf