Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's all good!

The past week has been a reminder of the good. Even when things have been tough (and they have!), there is so much good!

This crazy little park has brought me a few new favorite things.

Let's start with food, because ... why wouldn't you? Most vegetarians and vegans have already discovered this little gem. But I like to be late to the game and lead the rest of those at the back of the pack. So glad my Hill Shadies pushed this on me. It's Chickpea of the Sea, and it's a super delish alternative to tuna fish. I like it MORE than tuna fish. No, really, I do!

(photo by - mine did not look like this, but tasted just as great - swear!)

Our dark horse of January, and surprise super duper friend extraordinaire (add comma's in there, wherever you like) is Jenn. They popped through in December and made their way back through this past month. They have really enjoyed being here, and we adore them, too, so they've stayed longer! More about her in a minute.

This means we have three families in the park who associate themselves with the wonderful craziness that is NüRVers. Another big chunk of the Nü just spent time boondocking in the Arizona desert. We have taken it upon ourselves to make the past month just as fun down here, and have taken some extra long showers in their honor. Jim and Rene wrote a great post about it here.

(photo shamelessly swiped from Jim & Rene - it's full of people who make me smile)

We love A and her family so much that we shot out their tires and unplugged a bunch of wires in their RV so they also had to stay longer. We don't do that often, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. They haven't quite clued in yet, so we'll just continue to sneak over during the night and screw things up on their vehicles as needed. In the meantime, while they are stuck here, A got some new ink. I did not get a shot of the whole piece, but under that gypsy and her amazing traveling wagon, it says "Prone to Wander." Gorgeous. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. You can't take your eyes off of it. Not to mention she has really enjoyed leaving it open to breathe during the arctic blast we have had going on. That has not been a pain AT ALL.

My sister-in-law turned 50 (which is really difficult for her, because she actually LOOKS about 23 ... I know ... life is hard). Anywho, we all drove to be a part of a fun little surprise party for her. She was running her second half marathon the next day. She went from 5K's to the Half just to see if she could before this milestone birthday. And she did. Cause she's really amazing and always chases life. Love her.

Last, but not least, I was able to take a sans clothing dip with my two gals this past week. Just over 24 hours before the winter blast. It was a first for A. First time for me in a river (my skinny dipping has been limited to chlorinated pools). It was pretty dang cold, but it ended up being yet another time to connect with these two amazing people. We have all lived a lot of life, and we have more to go. We connect on a million different levels, and we just plain enjoy each other. Not to mention, the Guadalupe will never. be. the. same. again.

It's all good! Okay, so it's 59 degrees in my living room right now, but other than THAT - all good!


freewheelingwillackers said...

I love you guys! I am having so much fun here. We keep saying, ok, we should get moving in a couple of days. And then a couple of days pass and we say, ok, a couple more days. You may end up being sorry you guys are so fun.
(And I am so glad I could be here for the virgin river dipping experience.)

ohchicken said...

you need to come to hippie hollow with us!

The Hippie Moose said...

Her Ink is stunning. Love reading your thoughts, always inspiring and transparent.

Unknown said...

Have NEVER skinny brave, brave woman! Made the chickpea of the sea today for lunch...all I can say is YUM! Love A's tat. :) Look forward to maybe meeting her IRL someday so I can quit stalking her already. ;)

B said...

I have been lurking (what an ugly word! :P) for a while now being inspired & educated (aka Christine Rocks!), but this last picture is gonna prompt me to comment thus: Hey, um, where is your hair?


Unknown said...

B, I'm not sure what to tell you, except ... um ... it's right there on my head. Just pulled back. :)

B said...

Phew, Thought you'd chopped your dreads! :P Well I guess now that I have outed myself, I will comment occasionally. :D